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Subscribecanister filters for saltwater tanks
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i have a canister filter that i have used on my 30 gallon freshwater tank and i am wondering if i can us it on my new 44 gallon saltwater tank? also i am wondering if i use the canister filter with a 350 penguin power filter along with a protine skimmer, will that make the water to clean or what? thank you for your time.
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Yes, you can use all those on the tank; mechanical filtration isn't freshwater or saltwater specific.

Note, however, that mechanical filtration like canister and hanging on back filters still allow for nitrate production, and although nitrates aren't much of a concern in freshwater tanks, they are more of a concern in saltwater.

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IMO I would use the canister filter not for mechanical filtration, but chemical filtration. I use carbon, phosban, purigen, and polyfilter in my canister. Your mechanical filter should be more easily accessible and cleaned out on a weekly basis so you don't get nitrate buildup as shini suggests.

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