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SubscribeLost color in Tiger Barb
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male usa
Hello everyone,

I noticed last night that one of my 5 Tiger Barbs has lost all of the color in it's tail, but the other 4 still have color. I know lights can bleach out the color of fish, but my light is only on 8 - 9 hours a day and it's not an extermely high wattage bulb. They also get blood worms twice a week and color enhancer flakes once or twice a week so it shouldn't be due to their diet.

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Fish Addict
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male usa
Hi Chris... you may want to check your water parameters to be sure you're not getting any ammonia and/or nitrites...

Sometimes stress can cause fish to lose some coloration.

heck, the color may just come back on it's own, I have seen my Tiger Barbs go from bright, vivid colors to less vivid colorations at times. So, check the water parameters and keep a close eye on him to see if he changes at all...

good luck!
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Barb Boy
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male canada
I think that the loss of that colour could be caused by stress. If this tank of yours is new then it would be extremely common in fish. If it isn't a new tank then check your water quality. That is probably the culprit. I don't know how to cure stress but there are a lot of ways to prevent it. If you have any aquarium books you ought to be able to find something.
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male usa
I believe I have found the source of the stress in my barb and its not the water quality - it was nearly perfect for this tank. The stress is coming from a RTBS that I introduced to the tank over a month ago.

Up until now the RTBS has been very docile, but now he chases the Tigers around like crazy. Although he leaves the Rosy Barbs and YoYo's alone.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
You have not mentioned the size of your tank reason being the RTBS can and will become very aggressive in a smaller tank even in a big tank with several caves they can take over especially at feeding time. Looks like you have to make a choice its either the Barbs or the RTBS.

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