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Subscribered tail shark or rainbow compatible?
Fish Addict
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male usa
I've got a 55 gallon community tank full of Tiger Barbs, Odessa Barbs, Panda Corys, Serpae Tetras and Silver Tipped tetras. Do you think a single red tail or rainbow shark would fit in? All those species except the Corys are nippers and can defend themselves well, and they are all in shoals.

The tank is well planted with various vals, floating wisteria, floating anacharis and a couple swords. There are two large driftwood pieces, a half buried terra cotta plant pot and other structure for hiding.

The pH is 8.2 and the nitrates hover around 10-20 ppm. Ammonia 0ppm and Nitrites 0 ppm. The tank is well established for over a year now.

I just dont want to intorduce a fish that's going to wreak havoc among my shoals. Everyone plays nicely as it is, as insane as those species can all be, lol.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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The RTS as it gets bigger and older it very quickly becomes the boss of any tank regardless of its size.

I rescued a big RTS many years ago, it had been put in with huge aggressive fish to calm it down, in fact it was grey and its fins all wrecked.

In my 5ft tank he very quickly became aggressive again. His cave was his and no one was allowed near it at all. Feeding time was the worse no matter what I did.

In other words a huge NONO.
I have never had any success with RS and I can not comment on them at all.


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Mega Fish
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I have a 6 inch rainbow shark in with my rainbows right now and they do great together. It really depends on the individual fish. I have two and one is really agressive and lives with cihclids. The other is not living with my rainbows.
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Small Fry
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In one fish tank usually many species of fishes are kept together. But it should be checked that whether they will go along well with one other. Otherwise it will ruin the lives of the fishes in that tank. The red tail sharks are usually very aggressive and dominate all the other fishes in the tank. So it is not a good option to introduce a new red tail shark in a quite and amicable environment. The new entrant may wreak havoc between all of them.
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