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SubscribeUpdate: Ick Ich White Spot; Field: Symptoms
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The spots arent the visible parasite, rather the wound/scab it leaves.

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Not sure about this one, a fish might get a red patch immediately around the parasite as it tries to reject it, I guess it depends on the individual. While I agree that red infection spots arent common, it might be worth leaving in as it depends on the fish, and in some peoples minds whitespot is literally a "white spot" as far as they can see. A spot is a pretty non-specific symptom, you might mean a red spot associated with infection , or the white spot that is characteristic of the disease. While doedogg is technically correct , it might be worth leaving it in, as only by understanding the disease further would people know the whitespot is the visible parasite itself. Might be worth leaving the entry as it is for accessability purposes. People wanting to look up whitespot info might just bang in a "spot" as a symptom, it would be logical.
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