Hypancistrus sp. L66
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Hypancistrus sp. L66

Common Names: King Tiger Pleco
Family: Loricariidae
Category: Catfish_Bottom_Feeders
Distribution: America - South; Rio Xingu, along with many others of this genus, including the famous hypancistrus zebra.
Main Ecosystem: River; Fast, silt bottomed rivers are where this fish feels most at home.
Temperament: Peaceful; Other bottom feeders (including conspecifics) may be driven off should one venture into it's territory, otherwise a peaceable fish.
Diet: Carnivore; Though it may occasionally feed on vegetable matter, it subsists chiefly on meaty foods.
Care: An easy fish to care for, so long as good water quality is maintained. This fish likes water with high oxygen content, and will benefit from a nice current. Shy and timid when first introduced into the aquarium, most members of this genus will require some sort of cover, preferrably caves no more (or so the general rule says) than twice the width and twice the height of the pleco itself. This is especially relevant during spawning, when the male will use his thick head to block intruders from hi
6 - 7.5
25°C - 30°C
77°F - 86°F
Potential Size: Male: 14cm (5.5")
Female: 14cm (5.5")
Water Region: Bottom; Bottom
Activity: Nocturnal; May make occasional appearences in daylight.
Gender: Heavy, bristly odontodal growths are the easiest ways to sex these fish. Males will have these in abundance on their thicker primary pectoral rays, while females will not.
Breeding: Heavy current and warmer water is generally encouraged for breeding activity. Similar in this respect to other hypancistrus species. The male will guard the spawning cave once the female has finished laying the eggs. Males can be rather aggressive at this time.
Comments: Can be sensitive to nitrates.
Main Colours: Purple, White, Grey
Markings: Striped And Spotted
Mouth: Sucking Disc
Tail: Concave
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