Cleithracara maronii
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Cleithracara maronii

Common Names: Keyhole Cichlid
Synonyms: Acara maronii
Aequidens maronii
Family: Cichlidae
Category: Cichlids
Distribution: America - South; Guyana, South America.
Main Ecosystem: Delta; Delta
Temperament: Timid; Quite peaceful. Timid.
Diet: Carnivore; Carnivore
Care: Feed with flakes. A few hiding places are recommended, as well as surface vegetation to dim the light.
6 - 8
22°C - 25°C
72°F - 77°F
15 dH - 20 dH
Potential Size: Male: 10.16cm (4")
Female: 10.16cm (4")
Water Region: Middle, Bottom; Middle-Bottom
Activity: Diurnal; Diurnal
Gender: Mature males have longer, pointed anal and dorsal fins.
Breeding: Use pH of 6.5 and a higher temperature of 25-27°C. The eggs are laid on large flat rocks. Do not remove them after spawning as most are excellent parents. With appropriate pairs, Keyhole Cichlids are not hard to breed.
Comments: Can be very timid at times, so much so that they will not eat until they become re-accustomed to their surroundings. This fish gets it nickname from the large spot on its flank or side. The original species collected, had this large spot as well as a black mark extending downward from the spot. Many you find today for sale, will also have this marking. It gives the appearance of an old fashion like key hole.
Main Colours: Grey, Black
Markings: Striped And Spotted
Mouth: Normal
Tail: Flat
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