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male usa
hey ive noticed that my backgrounds never stick the way they are supposed to, they come off the back of the glass and u can barely see them. any ideas for a cool tank background?
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Plenty of things you can use, I've heard everything from wrapping paper, to crumpled foil to trashbags or some people just paint the back of the tank.

If you have the standard black or blue or patterned backgrounds you buy from the LFS that are laminated the trick is how you put it on the tank. The best thing to do is use oil (yes I raised my eyebrow in question the first time I ever read that!). Spread the background out flat, apply some cooking type oil to a papertowel then spread it across the surface of the background. Once it's covered put it up on the outside back of the tank, you might need help with this if it's a long tank and you cant reach all the way yourself. Then when it's in position use a flat edge like a ruler or a paint stirrer or a squeegee if you have one to push the air bubbles out of the way. Very large backgrounds may need a little bit of tape on the four corners. What the oil does is make it hold tight to the glass (you'll have noticed this if you ever spilled a little water down the back, the color looks so much more impressive!)

As for what goes on the's all up to personal taste! If you have a planted tank, most people suggest a solid black or dark dark blue. Many of the pattern backgrounds can look dated and old after awhile, as well as looking too busy and detract from the fish.


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