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Potamotrygon motoro
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Xenotoca eiseni
Betta albimarginata
Rineloricaria sp. L010a
Uaru amphiacanthoides
Abramites hypselonotus
Rasbora tornieri
Bagrichthys macracanthus

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Cladophora ball New0
Gambusia holbrookisize0
Bellamya chinensisNew4
Trigonostigma heteromorphacomments7

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 The Hospital
Is your fish sick? Have you had an unexplained death, or is your fish just acting strange? Here is the place to find your answers.
56,06317-Feb-2015 22:39
by Babelfish
 Getting Started
First tank, or setting up a new one? Ask your questions here.
30,23702-Mar-2015 22:31
by SantaMonicaHelp
 Technical Tinkering
Aquarium hardware problems, recommendations, and DIY.
32,51724-Jan-2015 05:11
by jasonclarkww12
A forum for substrates, setting up your tank visually, preparing things to put in the tank, etc.
15,98120-Oct-2014 09:02
by babaladla123
 Photo Booth
Share photos in this forum
26,55520-Feb-2015 23:08
by SantaMonicaHelp
Got something fishy to sell? Advertise it here. Private sales only.
6,18321-Feb-2015 11:39
by tnvirkanju
 Freshwater Aquaria
 General Freshwater
The main discussion area for freshwater aquaria.
183,53102-Mar-2015 22:28
by SantaMonicaHelp
 Planted Aquaria
Are your plants weak, not growing or have a disease? Here is the place to find your answers!
73,92521-Jan-2015 11:53
by zzeplinispire
 Coldwater, Watergardens, and Ponds
Care and maintenance of coldwater fish, water gardens and ponds.
10,11217-Feb-2015 05:08
by quli420
 Water Quality
Discuss issues pertaining to water quality in freshwater aquaria.
19,94112-Feb-2015 11:17
by chagi
Information and questions for keepers of invertebrates, such as snails, molluscs and crustaceans.
9,59719-Feb-2015 15:03
by moondog
 Freshwater Species
 Bottom Feeder Frenzy
Questions, thoughts and experiences with bottom dwellers.
56,17202-Dec-2014 15:01
by moondog
 Cichlid Central
Questions, thoughts and experiences with cichlids.
81,70227-Oct-2014 10:33
by superlion
 Cyprinid Corner
Barbs, Sharks, Danios, in fact anything Cyprinid!
13,77708-Jan-2015 19:09
by rae
 Labyrinth Lounge
Questions, thoughts and experiences with labyrinth (air breathing) fish.
38,29008-Dec-2014 15:12
by moondog
 Livebearers Lane
Questions, thoughts and experiences with livebearers.
21,15316-Mar-2014 22:04
by ztb23
 Tetra Talk
Questions, thoughts and experiences with characins.
16,94825-Sep-2014 06:38
 Marine Aquaria
 General Marine
All things salt water related.
34,77613-Oct-2014 14:01
by Old Fish Nut
 Marine Setup
Setup, aquascaping, lighting, filtration, and water quality issues for marine aquaria.
12,02304-Jul-2012 17:32
by jorgea
 Reef Keeping
Information and questions for reef keepers.
6,85431-Oct-2013 11:28
by mahisehar
 General Brackish
Brackish water aquaria discussion
1,53704-Dec-2014 09:04
by Andersan
 Off Topic
 The Recovery Room
General chit chat, get to know each other.
148,47723-Feb-2015 21:26
by superlion
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