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Is your betta ill?
Hey guys, just a general kick up the bum. In a nice friendly way of course If your fish is ill (has white spot/velvet/finrot/etc) and its a stand...
Callatya225-Mar-2005 00:40
Detailed Betta Breeding Instructions
Pages: 1, 2
Due to popular demand, I have decided to post these betta breeding instructions here for people interested in a step by step guide to breeding bettas....
Little Caesar2027-Jan-2011 18:11
Hi there everyone I thought it might be good to have a pinned topic with some of the more useful betta links on it. If you can think of any mor...
Callatya712-Aug-2010 06:10
Does ANYONE know anything about Glochidia in Bettas??
Hello fin friends! I am new to this forum so i hope im posting this right and in the correct place. I have a halfmoon betta in a cycled 3 gal...
fishywishygirl106-Oct-2016 05:51
Two female betta fish living together
Today I got a second female betta to go in the tank with my current female. They have flared and chased eachother a bit but other times they ignore ea...
BettaFishQueen409-Mar-2015 21:03
Betta help
Hi! (long time, no see ) I've had Pongo for about a year now. He went from being a ridiculously active betta to now barely moving. He's got a bad...
kitten707-Mar-2015 22:42
10 gallon
I have a male betta in a 10 gallon tank. I have kept bettas with other species but not in a tank this small. What are some types of fish that would be...
Bamaboy88108-Dec-2014 15:12
did this kill my betta?
my betta did a lot of bottom feeding. he was always eating the food at the bottom of the tank thats meant for the kuhli loaches, so he got very bloate...
ztb23510-Mar-2014 08:55
weird gourami behavior
hello everybody, so i just recently set up my 2nd tank! (: its a 22 gallon and i decided to have a community tank, i have assorted types of platys,sw...
barbdarb028-Aug-2013 02:04
Betta and bumblebee catfish, can they get along?
Hello everyone, Just recently got into keeping a betta splendens for the first time since I've never been inclined on promoting how they keep betta...
RED PHANTOM901-Aug-2012 01:57
Favorite Labyrinth Fish
The parameters for what qualifies as your "favorite labyrinth fish" is all up to you. Write down (linking is optional) on here what your favorite spe...
The Mutant Goldfish609-Apr-2012 09:05
135ltr 3ft tank. Which of these gourami is most suited
Moonlight,Pearl,Dwarf or Opaline. If you need other measurements I will put them up. And those who answers if you have one of these species wha...
Starfish409-Apr-2012 08:52
Betta acting strange
I just recently set up a 5 gallon betta tank. I had it running for about two weeks with a male betta in it. Everything was going great, he was eating,...
bigmart007123-Nov-2011 22:10
Gourami choices
Hello! I recently purchased a 36 gallon Bowfront aquarium. It is up and I just started the cycling process. I am trying to decide what type of Gourami...
sweet pea112-Mar-2011 20:45
need to identify my dwarf gouramis
hi i need to find out the gender of my fish. one is orange and the other one is orange with blue stripes. so how can i tell...
acoll188223-Jan-2011 22:13
Betta's and Aquarium Salt
Hi, I've got a Betta in her own tank and am wondering if adding Aquarium Salt would be beneficial for her. I use it in my other tank (of danio's, gu...
davyboy218-Jan-2011 05:05
New fish !! Crowntail Betta
Hi guys !! Just got a new fish !! Crowntail Betta I have a few questions ... was wondering if it was ok to keep this fish (I have one) in a 5gall...
~ Nikoleta ~816-Aug-2010 01:21
betta tank
i recently got a 2.5 gal given to me and i,d like to put a betta in after it cycles i,d like to know there likes and dislikes as far as temp ,light, p...
deschazkody712-Aug-2010 06:06
Kissing Gourami
Hi, so I am soon getting a 55 gallon tank and im moving all my fish that are in my 30 gallon into the 55 gallon and Im going to move my kissing fish f...
zebra126-Feb-2010 03:18
Sunset gourami?
Pages: 1, 2
I have 2 sunset gouramis I belive are both male, and they seem to be loosing their color. They were a beautiful reddish orange when I got them and now...
zeketaz2303-Jan-2010 03:28
pearl gourami?
can a pearl gourami and an angel live together in the same tank? is 29 gallons too small to have them together?...
devon7601-Jan-2010 01:43
Opaline Gourami with a "tan line"
I've had a beautiful large Opaline Gourami in my 20g tank for approaching a year now, maybe over a year, not sure exactly. I just noticed this even...
ScottF014-Nov-2009 03:06
Albino Paradise Fish
I recently set up my first 15 gal freshwater aquarium about 1.5 months ago, with one albino paradise fish. Is there any difference in albino...
sauerkraut526-Oct-2009 06:24
Female and male battas together
I am thinking of getting a community tank going in my 80 gallon in the future. So I have heard that if you have a large tank you can put a male Betta...
steven1982625-Oct-2009 17:47
Male or Female Paradise Fish?
I'm trying to figure out the sex of my albino paradise fish, though he is still a juvenile. Any ideas? (photo is a bit blurry and dull)...
sauerkraut324-Oct-2009 02:21
betta food
My male betta is not eating any pellets or freeze dried tubifix worms.Its been 2 days since I bought him.It is only taking raw meat.Should I wait for...
ragu_ed305-Sep-2009 22:02
Betta and peppered cory catfish
Hi all, This will be my first post and the betta that I have now use to not nip at the catfishes, but I have noticed the last few day he has started...
Hanteggy507-Jul-2009 07:18
Hints for trichopsis pumilus.
I recently received a tank from my grand-father. I gave it a clean and have been running it ever since, with no fish or plants though. Its small, very...
DonkeyFieldMouse431-May-2009 21:29
Genetics - copper to platinum
I thought you guys might like to see this. This is fish #005 at 2 months: [IMG]
Callatya215-May-2009 03:23
Betta Community
hi all, my girlfriend got given a Betta splendens the other week from one of her friends cos she never looked after it. i was in what looked like a sm...
willy401-May-2009 06:23
Gold Gourami's.
I've noticed Gold Gourami's in the store once more, and just wanted to get a word of caution out. The 35G is, I think, really only for multiple ones....
DonkeyFieldMouse119-Apr-2009 08:59
Paradise Fish and Platys
Any problems with these two? Tank would be a 10 gallon, 1 male paradise fish and a breeding trio of platy, maybe 3 or 4 ottos, but probably not. I wan...
ArcticBanana1228-Jan-2009 01:40
Betta Buddie???
Pages: 1, 2
hey wat type of fish go best with betta's? cuz i am gettin a bigger tank soon and i want to have more then 1 fish in it.... so plz reply!! ty...
bettadude2327-Jan-2009 13:59
Plants for betta tank?
Hi, I currently have a 3.7 gallon tank with a betta and a cabomba plant. Is there any other plants that are good for the betta? I'm sure I'll just sti...
Jouerviolin725-Jan-2009 19:16
Gourami Foods????
hey guys i am wondering is there any cool foods i can feed some gold gouramis? something other then fish food. it would be cool if i could feed them s...
bettadude1721-Jan-2009 21:30
E-Z Breeders!?!?!?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
hey guys i was going to breed bettas but my parneta said to find something that i dont need to culture worms nd stuff for, so is there any fish the 1...
bettadude4214-Jan-2009 23:18
Bottled Water for water changes.
This may seem like a silly question since I do not usually take care of a betta but my sister recently came across one and I had to step in before she...
soclosetome1313-Jan-2009 16:54
Other Labyrithn Fish?
hey what other type of labyrinth fish r there i have only heard of bettas. is there any more? if so what r they called??...
bettadude208-Jan-2009 02:38
Tank Size???
hey i just got a new betta 2day but thte tank i got is kinda small i think its like 1/2 a gallon but idk... what size is good for 1 male betta or is t...
bettadude202-Jan-2009 21:29
Betta channoides spawning
Hi guys. I recently purchased 4 Betta channoides. I previously had a pair about a year ago, but after they spawned quickly died. I was recently offere...
Mez130-Dec-2008 11:18
How Many Bettas...
Pages: 1, 2 you have? I have 4 with more soon. Please include details[age,color,tail type,etc.] and if you can...POST SOME PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
shadowtheblacklab2103-Sep-2008 04:25
Any Problems With These Species?
I am planning on putting 2 dwarf gouramis, 3-4 panda corys (was gonna put 2 but i read they like groups) and bout 5 zebra danios in a 10 gallon. im...
skyeye319-Jul-2008 23:03
Sexing Pearl Gouramis
I just bought a new Pearl Gourami which I thought was a male when I saw it in the store, but now I'm not so sure. I already have a female, and the...
kayteekate420-Jun-2008 04:04
Too Much Flaring?
I recently had to move all my tanks(my wife made me do it) and now all my fighters are closer together. So guess what that means......non-stop flaring...
coltsfan712-Jun-2008 06:28
Breeding Siamese Figthers.
Hey can anyone help me. I currently have one male a 2 female siamese fighters. They are in a tank with only a few other fish, 4 bronze corys a zebra...
sterobin303-Jun-2008 02:23
New To Gouramies...
As I plan the stock for my peaceful 55g community, I find myself interested in perhaps keeping a Gourami or two. So, if anyone has any suggestons, I'...
ScottF413-May-2008 19:14
Betta tank help
Hi folks, I have a 26 gallons betta tank with a male betta. With all that space people start telling me that i could put in like tree females and they...
Smaug911-May-2008 22:17
Poss Bubble Nest?
i have a pair of dwarf honey gouramis and the larger of the two seems to be making a bubble nest which is attached to the vallis and the side of my je...
papasan430-Mar-2008 14:53
Silver/Black Markings
i have a pair of dwarf honey gourami and the smaller of the two has silver/black colouring running from the mouth now down to the gut area is this a c...
papasan230-Mar-2008 11:46
Femae betta bubble nest
I have a male betta (bubble 0 7) in a 1ft nano tank and he has built himself a bubble nest under the foam cup. A couple of days ago I got him a girl f...
Brengun128-Mar-2008 17:29
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