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What kind if snail is this?
So I know I the nirmal nuisance pond snails in tank and been dealing with them for about a month or so today I was getting out of the snails...
Barb_Fan2213-Dec-2017 07:09
CPO Information
I just lucked into a dozen CPOs ad was wanting any insight others may have. I've breed Cherax D, Clarkii and Allei but no dwarfs....
chenning026-Oct-2016 04:53
Apple Snail Health Check. Help!!
So, I recently started a 10g tank and was gifted 2 Apple/Mystery snails to go in it. Originally, they were both extremely active, even when the lights...
Cookie Bear206-Jul-2016 19:42
How to calcify water
I'm noticing that my snails are losing more and more of their color and shell strength. The ends of their shells are peeling off like finger nails. Ho...
ztb23427-Jun-2016 01:30
The Feeder Fish for my Crawfish have Ich
Hello, So this is kind of a complex question and I haven't been able to find a concrete solution regardless of extensive Googling. Ok so start...
CrazyCrawfish113-Jan-2016 15:19
Yellow Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda)
anyone have an opinion on if I could keep yellow shrimp with my two rams and b/n's?...
CukeRooster321-Jun-2015 00:59
anyone keeping these ?
has anyone ever kept these ? how difficult is it, and what special care do they require ? [IMG]
Aquarium4um.com115-Mar-2015 21:27
Apple Snail eating leaves
Hello, im new to the hobby and new to the site. I just bought a big apple snail yesterday, cause im getting a fair amount of algae on my rocks and...
vas_nas419-Feb-2015 15:03
brine shrimp and light
will over exposure to light kill baby brine shrimp?...
ztb23218-Aug-2014 14:48
what shrimp can survive in water with copper?
i just learned from my local pet store that the water in my area has a lot of copper in it. are there any small fresh water shrimp that can survive in...
ztb23407-Feb-2014 18:32
snail diseases
what diseases are snails subject to? how can i spot them and what can i do to prevent or treat them?...
ztb23201-Feb-2014 03:04
do snails stress?
can snails be stressed the same way fish can with things like fluctuating water parameters or light and other external stimuli?...
ztb23001-Feb-2014 00:53
how can i feed my snail?
i have an apple snail in my 1.5 gal hex tank with a betta. the tank does not have any algae growth. can i feed the snail by dropping flake food for hi...
ztb23431-Jan-2014 23:40
albino pond snails!!!!
i finally found the gene!! i now have 4-5 albino, or golden pond snails!! i am very excited! i havemt heard of this being bred before, but i firts n...
fishyhelper2881201-Jan-2014 20:18
I have baby snails in a separate tank from my main tank..
My snails in my main tank had babies. Yay! So I moved the babies to a smaller tank to make sure they were getting a decent amount of food.. Now I...
fairfarren420-Aug-2013 18:08
5 gallon nano planted shrimp/quarantine tank
Greetings, So I had a five gallon tank laying around and since I don't like keeping fish in such close quarters I set it up as a cherry shrimp plan...
RED PHANTOM1521-Mar-2013 22:51
Some Shrimps Photos to Share
Halo! I am from Hong Kong. I am very enthusiastic about shrimps! Here are some of my shrimps. =)
aquariumlegend122-Oct-2012 20:50
My blue crayfish has eggs but only other crayfish is a white kind
Like it says, my blue crayfish is carrying eggs under its tail, but the only other crayfish is a white kind and I heard that they two are different sp...
GBC207-Sep-2012 14:20
Snail problem in my shrimp tank
Hi, I was wondering if there was any loaches i could add that would eat all the snails in my tank without eating my cherry shrimp? It is a 14g plan...
gauntlet221-May-2012 23:26
Snails in filter
I opened my filter today in search for a lost fish, didn't find it and saw tons of little snails. How on earth do I get rid of them? I noticed that...
zeketaz221-May-2012 23:24
Marbled Crayfish
aka the self cloning, a sexual one. Anyone have experience with these? I was thinking of getting one, putting it in a 20 gallon and letting it breed w...
jake7102-Nov-2011 01:01
New to Ghost Shrimp
I have been reading about Ghost Shrimp and they sound really interesting. I would like to keep them but I have a couple of questions that I would like...
husky49931212-Jun-2011 23:33
Green lace shrimp
Hey all, I just have some questions regarding shrimp and compatibiliy. 1)I have done some research on this shrimp and everywhere I look, there se...
DonkeyFieldMouse706-Aug-2010 00:35
Moving a Shrimp Tank
'Ello all. Need some help planning a move. I am moving from my apartment into a house about 10 minutes down the road. I have moved my tank before...
Megil TelZeke301-Jul-2010 00:29
I bought two crayfish and they are with 3 Angelfish will the crayfish bother the angels...
fishkeeper225627-Apr-2010 09:00
Can I handle a crab?
Simply put, would it be possible for me to handle a crab? I mean I'm sure it's possible but would it cause a lot of stress or bring really negative ou...
Cortrell119-Mar-2010 05:50
8 legs minus 1
My 2" Red Claw crab only has 7 legs. This doesn't seem to affect his mobility at all, but I was wondering if he'd ever grow it back?...
Cortrell223-Feb-2010 01:12
What do snail eggs look like
I found some really small white round specs on one of my java fern leaves and I am wondering if it's snail eggs....
zeketaz917-Feb-2010 13:50
Minimum tank size?
Okay, I've been thinking... If I can sneek a small tank under the 40 gal. Well actually, I know one will fit. BUT, I would want it minimal.....
Kellyjhw1005-Feb-2010 02:31
Cherry Shrimp and Julies?
I posted this in another thread that I started a couple days ago, a log of sorts... But i wanted some inverts folks to maybe weigh in if possible. I h...
brandeeno320-Dec-2009 13:07
Wood Shrimp Dying!!!!
My wood shrimp has been laying on the ground the past couple days. I fear that it is dying, my amano shrimp has been detailing him...... whats the d...
devon7229-Nov-2009 18:49
I have a tiny slug in my 10 gallon tank! Umm... is this normal? Is it a problem? Is it going to grow into a giant evil lake-slug or something? It's...
devon7701-Nov-2009 18:18
looking for general shrimp info
I have but a wee 10 gallon tank and I was wondering if anyone could give me some quick basic answers about shrimp, because, if possible, I would like...
devon7425-Oct-2009 02:37
To Shrimp Or Not To Shrimp That Is The Question...
hey i finally got my 20 gallon tank up and running and it has been perfect for 2 weeks with not a single i am questioning wether or not to...
oldfishnewfish816-Oct-2009 20:43
Shrimp : Blue Tiger Shrimp
shrimp : blue tiger shrimp [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)108-Sep-2009 07:26
I've gone to the shrimps
Branching out from my plecos who I never see anyway, I have now gone shrimp mad. I say 'mad' because of some of the prices I have paid for them and th...
Brengun1003-Sep-2009 14:02
Gathering of the Shrimps and some with "Peas"
A mix of photos of my Cherry Red Shrimps. I watched the M&F on the Crypt leaf for some time but nothing happened it just appeared to be a staring ma...
keithgh631-Aug-2009 02:56
Pond snails becoming terrestrial?
Quick question. How terrestrial can a pond snail become? I've noticed a few babies in the bucket when I'm doing a WC and sometimes after I pour...
Kellyjhw221-Aug-2009 13:11
Photos of my 45lt Cardinal & shrimp tank
Its about time I posted a few photos. The eyes have settled down and I can see the camera screen a little clearer. This is a mix of photos of my...
keithgh1020-Aug-2009 14:31
MTS reproduction
Okay, I had 3 MTS and maybe 5 pond snails to start about two months ago. I now have a multitude of pond snails, which I feed as a snack to my Yo...
Kellyjhw809-Aug-2009 06:17
The koonac is in berry!!!
Pages: 1, 2
So excited! My lovely black cray is fanning eggs! I'm not sure if they mated, but the male and female do snuggle on a regular basis, so here's to hop...
Callatya2106-Aug-2009 08:38
Common Brown Snails
have invaded my 10g... Is there such a chemical out there that can rid me of these little monsters? I tried a couple skunk botias, they ceaselessly...
ScottF830-Jul-2009 17:45
Snail id
Does anyone know what type of snail this is? They don't seem to eat lettuce or veggies so I cant get rid of them easily.. cheers http://img291.imagesh...
elilk128-Jun-2009 03:07
shrimp : Euryrhynchus amazoniensis
shrimp : Euryrhynchus amazoniensis other named as: Amazon zebra shrimp Origin: South America, Amazon River The largest: one of the small shrimp, th...
apistoworld(HK)020-Apr-2009 05:36
shrimp : Caridina serratirostris
shrimp : Caridina serratirostris one of the beautiful native shrimp [IMG]
apistoworld(HK)015-Apr-2009 20:59
Feeding behaviour of Female Cherry Red Shrimps Photo added
I have just purchased a small container of "Shrimp Pellets Formula" and noticed as soon as I put a few in they dissolved very quickly. I also noti...
keithgh622-Mar-2009 17:50
Red Cherry Shrimp Stocking info
I would like to make a list of what fish are compatable with Red Cherry Shrimp. I just received mine last week and think they are amazing! Right now...
Bellm21717-Mar-2009 14:59
Baby crayfish
I just found what looks like a ghost shrimp in my pond. Is that what a baby crayfish would look like?...
Dolf525-Feb-2009 05:12
Apple Snails
I have just gotten 3 apple snails. They are not as large as the ones I have seen in the LFS chain. I know that inverts grow, but each in differ...
Kellyjhw809-Feb-2009 04:49
Cherry Red Shrimps What am I observing?
As my Cardinal & Shrimp tank are next to the computer screen & phone I tend to watch the shrimps a lot. Yesterday I saw one on a surf board (well a...
keithgh430-Jan-2009 20:35
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