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Subscribeanyone keeping these ?
Small Fry
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has anyone ever kept these ? how difficult is it, and what special care do they require ?

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Small Fry
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male usa us-montana
I\'ve kept regular crawdads/crayfish off and on for years.

Easy to care for, eat anything. Usually only dead things but when I dropped 6 new clown ruby cichlids in the tank all hell broke loose. The ruby\'s scared and bleached out sank to the bottom and tried to hide. Bad news, the dads were all over them. I\'ve never seen anything like it before. Had to actually save them by hand pulling them off. All rubies healed up and survived.

Moved the dads to another tank, now in with my feeder guppies. Also was a red claw crab in there, dads run from the crab. Latest addition is a spawn of cherry shrimp. Still a peaceful tank minus the crab.

Both the crab and dads are rough on plants.

Will post pic in a bit, sorry about the backslash, fixed twice and keep coming back?
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