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SubscribeSnail problem in my shrimp tank
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male usa

I was wondering if there was any loaches i could add that would eat all the snails in my tank without eating my cherry shrimp? It is a 14g planted would only be temp till all the snails are gone.

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male australia au-victoria
I have Kuhli loaches in my 45lt Shrimp tank and I am sure they would eat the snail eggs then this would only leave you will collecting the snails on a piece of lettuce.

Or you could try this collect as many snails as possible put them into a long glass on its side in the tank and see if the Khuil get any you might not see any action but if you see empty shells you know its works.

The other way is remove all (if possible) shrimp for at least 2-3 weeks and add several small Clown Loaches


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male canada ca-alberta
Could try Assassin Snails not to big they should leave your shrimp alone if there is plenty of baby snails.
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