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SubscribeWood Shrimp Dying!!!!
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female usa
My wood shrimp has been laying on the ground the past couple days. I fear that it is dying, my amano shrimp has been detailing him...... whats the deal? I think my water quality is good, if it may be chilly in there, and the water may be slightly hard... I live in los angeles and I just bought a heater because it is starting to get cold for the first time since i set up the tank. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it, other than laying on the ground... I thought it was dead two days ago and then again today, but when poked, it moves a bit
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None of us are there looking into the tank and testing
it. To make any kind of a sound or even likely diagnoses
you need to provide all the information that you can.
That includes the water chemistries. pH,GH,KH,Ammonia,
Nitrite, Nitrate, Temperature, what's in the tank (
other animals, rocks, wood) Any plants? Are they thriving?
Chemicals added to the tank (type of conditioner, any

Lastly, you may want to read the information on this site:


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Wood shrimp are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, much moreso than changes in other water parameters... When working at fish stores I had to acclimatize them very carefully to minimize fatalities, but even then losing some was inevitable due to temperature changes while in transport. At my own house, the wood shrimp would frequently die if the power went out for a few hours in the winter.

If you tank was pretty cold before you had the heater, and then warmed up over the span of just couple hours, that could have been too much for the shrimp to handle.

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