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Small Fry
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aka the self cloning, a sexual one. Anyone have experience with these? I was thinking of getting one, putting it in a 20 gallon and letting it breed with itself to feed my juvenile oscar. I've asked my LFS to get some. The owner who is very serviceing said whenever his supplier gets them in he'll have some. I've had a electric blue crayfish before so I have some experience caring for crayfish. Any suggestions, tips, stories?
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Mega Fish
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From what I read when I was researching having them myself, they feed on scraps ion the tank, but preferably vegetation. They also prefer heavily decorated tanks (driftwood, plants etc).
Here is a good link to check out:

They don't suggest heavy planting, but from breeders and etc that I have talked to recommend having plants in the tank to supply some live plants for the crays to eat as well as a more natural environment.

never actually ended up getting any crays, but I hope you do!

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