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Cookie Bear
Small Fry
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So, I recently started a 10g tank and was gifted 2 Apple/Mystery snails to go in it. Originally, they were both extremely active, even when the lights were on. But recently, one has been COMPLETELY unactive. He's only very slightly responsive, "twitching" when touched, but not retracting. He\'s been hanging out of his shell, not fully though. What, based on other forums, I\'ve assumed to be his penis, became visble somewhere at the halfway point of this whole thing. The other snail is still fairly active ans the fish all seem fine. I did recently mysteriously loose some ghost shrimp, if that might have anything to do with it. I\'m not sure what to assume or do to make him better. Please help!!
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The Hobnob-lin
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male usa
Have you checked out the resources at ? It sounds to me as though your snail might be dying but I have never successfully treated a snail, so I'm not sure what else to check for. When/if it does die, make sure to get it out of the tank as soon as you are sure, it will be incredibly bad smelling.

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Small Fry
Hey BooBoo - Where is the FISH?
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Snails are one of the most sensitive creatures to take care of. Definitely sounds like something is wrong here. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst (Yes the stench can be quite strong). Hope it doesn't get to that level as I love examples of snails used in math questions (A snail has to cross the road at 5 meters, etc). Lights me up Please keep us updated and all the best.

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