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SubscribeBaby crayfish
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male usa
I just found what looks like a ghost shrimp in my pond. Is that what a baby crayfish would look like?
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Mega Fish
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male usa
Baby crayfish look just like the adults except really tiny. And there claws aren't as big.
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
Can you post of "what looks like a ghost shrimp" Most and I will say most of those creature grow up to be larger versions of them selves.
The problem especially "Crayfish" still grow up the same but what you call a Crayfish in USA it could be totally different to ours in Aust. We have FW and SW Crays and they are different in colour and shape, Even our SW Crays are different colours as well.

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Fish Addict
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hes probly talking about fw and like blue or othe thos ones u kno?
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male usa
Thanks for the replies. By crayfish I am refering to the Northern American Cray, orconectes virilis. It is similar the Yabby in Australia. They are native to the midwest and are an imported pest fish here in Arizona. Occasionally they do find their way into my mosquito fish pond. When I found the shrimp it made me wonder. Now that he is in an aquarium it is obvious he is a little feeder shrimp. I still have no idea how he could have gotten in the pond as I haven't recieved any shipments of fish since last summer.
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Big Fish
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female usa us-michigan
Is it possible, one or some of your feeders last summer was carrying eggs? Maybe a few was able to escape being eaten and now have started to grow and multiply themselves.

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