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SubscribeThe Feeder Fish for my Crawfish have Ich
Small Fry
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So this is kind of a complex question and I haven't been able to find a concrete solution regardless of extensive Googling.

Ok so starting off I got my first aquatic pet a week ago. A Blue Crawfish named Miss Blue. I wanted her to be able to develop her hunting skills so I bought her some feeder fish(aka minnows). She is starting to become good at hunting and has even caught and ate one of them. However last night I noticed some white spots all over some of the minnows. I came to the conclusion that it was ICH!! It most likely developed from the stress of her hunting them. With some research I found out that crawfish can carry the ich but can't get it. Is this true?

So the question is should I remove all of the minnows from her tank and let her sit alone for a while until the ich has time to die off? Would it be safe to leave the minnows there so she can continue to hunt them? Or should I remove the fish give her something else to hunt like shrimp?

She's my baby and I don't want anything the harm her. Thanks in advance for your replies.
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The Hobnob-lin
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Ich is a parasite that is always present in some fashion, but you're right that it does not affect the crawfish at all. If you have a hospital tank, it would be a good idea to move the minnows to it and try to treat them. But keep in mind that fish are more susceptible to ich when they are stressed out, and being hunted in their sleep is pretty stressful for a fish!

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