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New to CO2 systems
Right now the only plants in my 20 gallon tank are Hornwort and an Amazon sword. I have 1.5 WPG right now, but am going to be upgrading and going to...
truestar505-Jul-2010 14:37
New to aquarium plants, how do i start
Pages: 1, 2, 3
I've had my 55gal tank for almost three years now but i had an oscar fish that didnt like plants. He is now gone and i have started a community tank....
justin844518-Feb-2009 03:25
6.8G Planted Cube Log
Hi FP! Long time, no tank! I've been out of the hobby for 13 years, and decided that now's the time to dive back in! We don't see much activity her...
poisonwaffle708-Apr-2024 01:19
My new Aquarium Diary
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Hi everyone, I just registered to these forums and thought I should introduce myself to you. I'm a 31 year old Dutchman who's currently living in Fin...
Dr. Bonke26811-Dec-2017 08:29
Plant replacement advice
Hi I have a planted tank and am looking at options to hide the heaters/filter inlets as the current planting has been destroyed by the fish. I h...
hembo666427-Mar-2015 04:49
Planted tanks
ive been in the hobby for over 30 years but have never mastered the planted aquarium. i use good substrate, T5 lighting, flourish, and root tabs, but...
Aquarium4um.com107-Mar-2015 01:26
gravel vac on planted tank
How far do I go with gravel vac for a planted tank? I remove dead matter and leaves by hand..were always going to get some right.. some I get with v...
itsjustme1966521-Jan-2015 11:53
It's 2015 - Time for plant tank re-do's
Hello FP It's been awhile since my last confession. After I lost my discus and zebra otos due to a power outage I lost heart, neglected the tank...
DaMossMan119-Jan-2015 07:15
New to Aquatic Plants
I wanna get more serious about fish keeping im getting a 44 gallon pentagon tank and putting angels banjo catfish pleco and guoramis and possibly a di...
chopper3678412-Jan-2015 07:05
tall aquarium plants
What are some very tall plants? I need plants that will grow to be about 2 and a half feet tall. I don't mind if they have to have support from a dowe...
ztb23304-Oct-2014 05:56
Identify this plant?
I bought this plant at petco as a species of Anubias, but I\'ve noticed it doesn\'t seem to have a rhizome that they should have. Anyway, let me know....
Soidfuf222-Sep-2014 22:00
java moss and slate
how can java moss be grown on a tall slate structure? i know how to grow it by watching a few tutorials on youtube, but once its grown, how is the loo...
ztb23102-Sep-2014 09:34
Algae problem, lost on what to do next
Ok I got a slim green algae on gravel on plant everything... I can peel it off I can remove it... I cut my light lvl down to 6 hrs... Water perms all...
djrichie216-Jun-2014 13:21
Is it safe for an aquarium to use standard soil fertilizer sticks or do fertilizers need to be specifically for aquariums?...
ztb23308-Apr-2014 06:35
planting problem
I just now ordered some of the plants I would like to use in my 50 gallon show aquarium. However, I don't know how I'm going to plant them. The tank i...
ztb23230-Mar-2014 00:10
Blue Green Algae War
Because I am up at college I only am able to go home every 2-3 weeks and clean my 20G aquarium. This summer I did manage to plant it with a few plants...
kj fishy-finn1907-Aug-2013 23:13
Aquascaping & Plant books?
Hi guys, Just wondering, are there any books on aquascaping (showing different aquascapes for inspiration) & aquatic plants (care & maintenance) that...
upikabu1707-Aug-2013 07:37
25g 'Mosstarium' tank blog
Hi ! Apologize for lack of pics, I'm not home so I'll take some after christmas. Endler's livebearers, fancy mts snails, red ramshorn snails....
DaMossMan517-Jan-2013 05:36
kill snail eggs on a plant
My wife got some "plant" from my father in law. I would bet money that snail eggs are all over it. My wife put it in my 20 gallon but the end place fo...
steven1982419-Oct-2012 01:27
2012 AGA Aquascaping Contest Closes in 1 Week!!!
Hello All, One week from today, the AGA Aquascaping Contest closes and entries will no longer be accepted. So, get those last second details for y...
AquaticGardener002-Sep-2012 04:39
50 gallon tank in Costa Rica
Hello everyone, I wanted to share some pics of my tank... This tank was set up on 2007 and I't helped me mature in the art of fish keeping, so i...
RED PHANTOM1008-Aug-2012 04:48
how long do i need my lights on for
how long do u reckon i need to leave my lights on in my planted tank whats the normal light cycle every one uses is it 8 hours cheers in advanc...
random-cichlid312-Jul-2012 05:12
Freshwater plants discussion
I'm trying to learn a lot about aquarium plants. So, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a thread about aquarium plants where we co...
blackmagic01126-Mar-2012 07:02
algae in new planted tank
ok guys so its been 3 weeks for my tank and its now starting to grow a bit of green algae etc on the sides of the tank and a bit on some plants is thi...
random-cichlid103-Jan-2012 15:53
new planted tank i need help and ideas cheers
firstly im really excited about this so I dove in to this heads first with out doing much research so i would like some help on how i am...
random-cichlid923-Dec-2011 14:54
Got a brand new 125 gallon tank with me<x>tal stand
Hey everybody, My eldest daughter brought us a 125 gallon tank as an early Christmas gift. We plan to dump everyone from the 2 separate tank...
Kellyjhw113-Nov-2011 16:17
Weak anacharis?/elodea? stems
as you can see the main stem is nice and sturdy but fading in color and overall health although the future "cutting" is lush green with very short int...
CHOMPPPPP109-Sep-2011 13:47
Black Sludge/Algae Problem
I wrote this thread last summer pertaining to this problem:
kj fishy-finn408-Sep-2011 01:31
strip light needs new ballast
Hi, well after three years of enjoying this site i decided to join. This is a hobby where advice from experienced folks is needed. My Allglass brand,...
aldergal1230-Aug-2011 12:56
Frans Stoffels
Back center. New leaves have nice red and green coloring....
amazondon521-Mar-2011 23:43
powerhead question
Surface turbulence can increase oxygen content and deplete excess CO2 at night. No surface turbulence during the day can preserve CO2 levels. Soooo...
itsjustme19661726-Feb-2011 12:41
what causes this...
holes in some of my plant leaves...what causes this? what do am I not giving them enough of? carbon?...
itsjustme1966122-Feb-2011 06:29
Debating on starting with actual plants rather than just plastic
I've always had just plastic plants, but I've read more and more on the benefits of having live plants in ones tank. Now first of all, I don't want...
davyboy406-Feb-2011 04:14
Lighting for plants
My hood holds a CFL tube, and there are about 8 different types of tubes I can purchase at my LFS. My question is, do I NEED (I know they would be b...
davyboy027-Jan-2011 18:03
A watt is a watt is a watt
Hi all, I've been working on setting up my new tank (120 gallon tall) and have been thinking about the differences in lighting. I know that for years...
techjak101-Jan-2011 07:36
First timer
I'll be setting up my second 30 gallon aquarium after Christmas, and I'm planning on doing a South american community tank. As of now...... 8-10 card...
rambo_motim625-Dec-2010 00:24
Plants that work with sand
So I have a tank with sand as the substrate (my weather loaches love it) and I was wondering what plants I could make work with the sand. I have java...
mph684514-Dec-2010 18:24
Diving into the deep end - My 10 Gallon Heavily Planted and DIY Projects
Pages: 1, 2, 3
Well over the past 6 years I've kept many different kinds of fish and use to have multiple tanks, but I've always been too chicken to try and make a d...
Gomer5625-Oct-2010 07:13
Newly Planted 20G
Pages: 1, 2
I just planted my 20 gallon 5 weeks ago and now it is being infested with algae. How do I get rid of the algae and the green glow??? I just changed th...
kj fishy-finn3120-Oct-2010 14:51
36 inch tall tank
Good evening to all I have just been given a rather awesome tank.... 18 inches wide, 18 inches length and 36 inches tall.
Littlesmit317-Oct-2010 00:34
Currently i have a 3ft long tank that is 30inches wide and 2ft high, so a very very deep aquarium... full of some larger fish that seem to prefer plan...
Alex303-Oct-2010 06:33
Lighting Question
I have enjoyed reading a lot of posts here and had a question about my 29 gal. tank that I just planted. This is my first attempt at a planted tank so...
mimo601-Oct-2010 14:10
Adding plants 'Help'
80 gal tank, has 4 28w bulbs, 2 are 10,000k and 2 are Actinic blue, FW community tank with a Eheim 2017 canister filter, 80f, pea size gravel 2" thick...
cashwellspent629-Sep-2010 23:39
Laterite. Have you used it? What do you know about it?
I intend to use Laterite when I set the new Jebo 375 I have planed out all the aquascape, I have all the plants, Anubias nana, Crypts two varieties...
keithgh222-Sep-2010 02:58
Plants for a Low Light Southeast Asian Setup
I've been doing research on plants for a nano southeast Asian setup and would really appreciate the input of people more experienced than me in the fi...
Discuslover87726-Aug-2010 02:02
Best Approach to Fertilizing
I have a 20 gallon tank which has been newly planted within the last few weeks. I also have a Hagen CO2 system set up and running. A friend told me it...
kj fishy-finn216-Aug-2010 21:57
Never saw this plant before today at the LFS where they had them for $17 each. ba sed on how they were in the plant tank and the way the roots look...
Babelfish525-Jul-2010 22:50
Plant offspring problem
Hi I have in my tank a mystery plant. It was labelled 'rock fern' at the shop. It resembles a java fern but it seems to only grow as tall as a c...
Troy_Mclure805-Jul-2010 07:01
Too much fertilizer?
I bought this API leaf zone plant food. The bottle says to dose once weekly, will it hurt anything to dose more then that? And will it have any effect...
Gourami327-Mar-2010 07:28
Lobelia Cardinalis
Any one familiar with this plant? I've just purchased one. I've read that it's a bog plant. I bought it because the foliage is striking. (gree...
Kellyjhw802-Mar-2010 05:02
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