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SubscribeNew to aquarium plants, how do i start
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This post definitely has multiple tones and fantastic information. I want to thank you Frank for all of your insite
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male usa us-colorado
Hi H!
Thank You, also, for reading these posts.
As you will notice, we have a bunch of folks who post
in Planted Aquaria that have become outstanding fountains
of knowledge and are backed up by their beautiful, planted
tanks. Many of the threads show their tanks from inception
through months and even years after starting.
While much of those posts contain banter back and
forth, they also contain a wealth of information, much
of which was found through trial and error,
or concentrated reading of published books and articles.

Take your time and read through them and I'm sure you
will uncover a wealth of information.


-->>> The Confidence of Amateurs, is the Envy of Professionals <<<--
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Registered: 04-Jun-2008
Thanks Frank! I have been! I love to see all teh different opinions on the same subject and why people feel the way they do! I don't think we can ever stop learning so I soak up all knowledge I can get my hands on!
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