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SubscribeIt's 2015 - Time for plant tank re-do's
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Hello FP It's been awhile since my last confession.

After I lost my discus and zebra otos due to a power outage I lost heart, neglected the tanks then most of the plants died. One angelfish and bn pleco left in the 75g. The 25g is holding out with endlers, red cherry shrimp, a few mosses and such.

2015 - Time to refresh and revamp the tanks a bit. I return with a little more confidence, ability in my diy skills, and interesting tools such as a dremel.

This weekend I was home for a change.
75g - Yesterday and today. Cleaned the front glass, shallow-vacced the dead plant matter up, 20g water change, 1 cap of excel. Today I'll clean the glass top, install new light tube, clean the spraybar, then plant a new what I think is a small red melon sword but could be an ozelot. For $5.00 at petsmart I figured what the heck and it will inject some color into the tank. I'll trim the bad leaves off the red rubin sword. I might tinker a bit more.

25g to do today - rinse filter media and pre-filter in tankwater. Remove plant detritus (and possibly the failed moss wall squares, install new light tube. Try to remember which moss is which, and small water change.

Also thinking of a canopy top for the 75g and replacing the T5ho with LED. It's a deep tank so they'd have to be high output. Maybe a 3D amazon background too. I want to somehow retrofit led into my 25g tank top also. Moonlights for both tanks would be sweet. I'll see how that goes. I should focus on improving tank conditions first.

No idea what fish for the 75g yet but I may trade out or sell my silver angel so there's not one large fish to bully the others then start fresh. I know someone with a large tank of adult angels, he'll fit right in. Not sure yet what to get but I have time to think on it. Jumbo german blue rams would definately be sweet but I don't see them around much.

Anyone else in tank revamp mode ? New projects ?

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Anyone else with ideas/new projects.... I'm too tired after reading about your weekend... Think I'll nap on the couch before dinner


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