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Bulb type
Hi, can anyone tell me if acenic blue bulbs will work well with planted tanks? I purchased a 4 bulb light fixture and it came with 2 acenic blue bulbs...
amackattack431-Jan-2010 17:34
java fern died
I don't know what I did wrong. I have a java fern in my 55gal. I don't have it rooted or tied to anything. (so the fish pretty much push it ar...
Kellyjhw316-Jan-2010 01:34
Can you name these plants?
Okay, I need help. I thought I knew the plants but they are not what I was told they are. These plants have since died and I want to replace th...
Kellyjhw1112-Jan-2010 20:57
Where Do I Start With Coral Sand?!
Hi all, Plant noob looking for some help here! I've recently decided to get some plants but I'm not sure at all whether I can or they will surv...
moose207-Jan-2010 08:31
Planted Tank Substrate
Has anyone had any experience with the substrate available at I was thinking about possibly getting some but thought i would...
aquapickle271317-Nov-2009 04:47
Planting a 55 gallon tank.
Hey all, Stop up at the lfs today to pick up some bulbs for my 55 gallon tank. I cleaned it out good today and want to try planting some plants alo...
DonnieBoy1316-Nov-2009 21:29
50 cube (High Tech)
Hi guys, been awhile since ive posted here. This is my 50cm cube and its been running for about 2 years. Its basically a collection of exotic plants i...
Forever-mango410-Nov-2009 15:45
water changes
What should be my water changes in my WELL PLANTED FILTERLESS 3.5 GAL TANK WITH A BETTA AND A M.SNAIL?...
ragu_ed430-Oct-2009 02:54
Matty 50g
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
I have to start with a big thanks to Wings, he sent me a large plant "care" package as part of an as of yet incomplete trade. He sent so much rotala t...
mattyboombatty7311-Oct-2009 03:50
tank upgrade lighting questions
Hi Folks Ok, in my existing 40g I have two 3ft light strips. One is 96w coralife compact flour with reflector, the 2nd is a regular 40w coralif...
DaMossMan1202-Oct-2009 12:35
good plant ferts
I would like some guidance from anyone who ahs had success suing liquid plant ferts to grow lush green healthy plants in their FW aquariums. The on...
ScottF130-Sep-2009 03:28
Co2 and affect on fish.
i've been a member for years but finally bought a house and im able to setup my tanks permanently. For my 30gal i want to have it heavily planted, i'm...
stud_man50212-Aug-2009 20:33
Do I need CO2?
I have a 20g high planted tank with a T5 fixture that offers about 1.5 wpg. I was just given two Nutrafin Co2 units with the canisters and ladders but...
TurboTurtle412-Aug-2009 12:08
Will these fish eat plants?
So, straightforward question... In your experience, do you think these fish would be likely to destroy aquarium plants? Dwarf Rainbowfish Siamese Alg...
lioness311-Jul-2009 05:04
Lighting Brand
Hi All, I was going to spuce up my 3ft curved front Jebo style tank, which had T8 globes. What do think about these light units? SolarMax ht...
Gone Fishing113-Jun-2009 16:50
Wingsdlc 55G
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Here are some picture of my newly set up 55G. Most of the plants game from my past tanks from MI but I did order a few in from some people online....
Wingsdlc22806-Jun-2009 03:11
Can't find the formula for WPG..
Hi, I did some research here earlier and ran across a formula for figuring WPG. Should have noted the topic as now I can't find it even in search? I'...
ginsing106-Jun-2009 02:03
EGERIA DENSA Has "strings" hanging on it
As the title states, there are long stringy things hanging off the egeria densa (anacharis) plants I have in my tank. Does anybody know if these "s...
dreamweaver1030-May-2009 08:11
What plants to get
I have a 29 gallon tank 2.4 watts per gallon,going to switch to eco complete substrate.I currently have 2 anubias nanas,1 banana plant,1 java fern,an...
Pristellapower826-May-2009 05:57
Ceramic Noodles?
hey have'nt been on here for like 2 years or something but im back into the hobby, re-doing my 55 gallon planted tank at the moment. i was just wonde...
coop524-May-2009 20:08
What Plants Is This ?
not real sure what it is it's kinda neat what ever it is and it's my new apple snail pic name ?can you guess?
donovan511-May-2009 05:49
Removing beard algae?
I remembered my question! I've removed the beard algae from most of my ornaments. Now, it's trying to take over my anubia. The stem plant...
Kellyjhw327-Apr-2009 16:23
C. walkeri - am I going to kill it??
I've always found crypts quite unkillable. I had a box of one type that I picked up years ago, and I kept them in a sealed plastic box full of water f...
Callatya822-Apr-2009 11:10
TW's 7 FT 138G (523L) Planted Discus Tank
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Eventually, not quite a year after I first planned a new 3ft planted discus tank, I am finally starting it - except it is now a 7ft. It's small for...
TW8319-Apr-2009 23:03
White Worm Thingy?
ive notice a white, wat appears to be a worm like thing crawling out of my mopani wood. should this be a concern?...
Cichlid Kid415-Apr-2009 04:44
Treating Ich In A Planted Tank
I rearranged my planted tank recently, stirring up the substrate quite a bit and moving all the hardscape. Its been about 10 days and now a couple of...
fishfool35206-Apr-2009 03:28
The Saga... (30G tank)
Hi, It's been a while since I've posted anything about my tank. The tank had been set up for 15 continuous years and I was beginning to have difficu...
FRANK730-Mar-2009 19:23
Metal Halides?
hi all!!! i have a 5x2x2 tank 150 gal by my calculatin. im thinking about turning is into a planted tank. ive seen some 400w me tal halides advertised...
wildfish727-Mar-2009 23:12
hi all just started a betta tank, well actually just put a filter and heater in as my fish got really sick last winter! i did have a massive sword in...
wildfish319-Mar-2009 07:23
A idea of mine.
I was thinking somethin like a 24 inches long 24 inches wide and 12 inches tall..... i was thinkin something like a big feild of some type of grass al...
riri1405-Mar-2009 06:38
Crypt spreading?
A couple of months back, I had a plant I needed identified. We've narrowed it down to a crypt of some sort. Now I think it has managed to seed...
Kellyjhw902-Mar-2009 20:07
Java Fern
After years of plastic plant aquarium then more years of chiclids which eat and dig real plants. Ive decided to try a community tank with some angels...
kegman75302-Mar-2009 18:45
New to Plants
Pages: 1, 2
I've got a 30 gallon, which I plan on putting live plants in. I've read that other post about being new to plants and I'm not 100% sure if I understan...
Soidfuf2928-Feb-2009 20:47
CO2 and PH
Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows whether when using diy co2, your pH will stabilize after dropping, or does it keep dropping? I'm using API tes...
elilk528-Feb-2009 04:34
New to High-Light, Planted Tanks. Extremely Low PH
Thanks to the encouragement of other enthusiasts, some here at Fish Profiles, after one year with a low-light, planted tank I invested in a high light...
todash191810-Feb-2009 16:37
How To Clean A Planted Tank
hello all i have made my 72 gallon a planted tank i was just unsure as how to clean my tank now that its loaded with plants.. i usally vac the gravel...
leachim529-Jan-2009 04:32
Brackish + Plants ??
Hey all, Since seeing a tank of bumblebee gobies at the LFS a couple of weeks ago I c...
Gone_Troppo327-Jan-2009 04:28
Amazingly fast growth rate?
is just me or is my 2 week old anubias whos leaves have gotten bigger plus sprouted to new leaf stems and leaves since i got it 2 weeks ago amazingly...
Cichlid Kid1026-Jan-2009 00:42
Good Algae Eater for a Planted Tanks?
i have a 10 G with some guppy fry and an going to my lfs today and probably wil pick up another anubias,and also i would like to get and al...
Cichlid Kid1522-Jan-2009 05:52
Splitting Anubias Rhizomes
at about what height could i safely split my anubias rhizome? the plant is about 4x4x6 inches...
Cichlid Kid821-Jan-2009 03:46
Algae on Plant Leaves
if i have a few spots of brown algae on my anubias leaves how can i remove it?and could it harm the plant?...
Cichlid Kid720-Jan-2009 03:08
Salt In a Planted Tank?
Hi, i know guppies prefer a bit of salt in their tank, but how would it affect my plant.?it is an anubias....
Cichlid Kid515-Jan-2009 15:36
Crypt turning reddish brown?
Ok not sure this is a problem or not but here it goes. I have some Crypt Walkeri in my tank, and when they first got here they were a nice shade of g...
salvatorus715-Jan-2009 06:58
Moss Balls, do you keep them?
I just bought some Moss Balls, kinda neat looking, but now what?.. just what do I do with they just sit on the bottom, can they be attached t...
itsjustme19661312-Jan-2009 07:56
Anubias Info
hi, could i have so info on the anubias, maybe some others experiences, or things that they know that are not in the profile on this page?also how lon...
Cichlid Kid609-Jan-2009 06:23
Good Goldfish Plant?
what would be a low light to low-medium light for a goldfish tank, that the gold fish may not eat or just pick at here and needs to be for a...
Cichlid Kid1308-Jan-2009 23:19
Acclimating Plant?
is there anyhting special i should do to acclimate plants to a tank?im kinda new to this but today was planning on going to the lfs and buying one anu...
Cichlid Kid908-Jan-2009 17:03
What Kind
i have a small small tank and 2 black mollies 1 kind of water frog and what i think is maybe a wisker shrimp what kind of plants should i put in th...
hagcatsis805-Jan-2009 04:08
Vacuuming a planted tank
Alrighty! I've got the plants planted. Some of them have even their roots spread about. How in tarnation do you vacuum the gravel without upro...
Kellyjhw204-Jan-2009 08:07
Question about bulb temp
jfenz41303-Jan-2009 15:16
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