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Subscribegood plant ferts
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male usa
I would like some guidance from anyone who ahs had success suing liquid plant ferts to grow lush green healthy plants in their FW aquariums.

The only liquid ferts I have currently are Hagen Brand "Plant Gro" it is: 0.15-0-0 Iron Enriched.

My pH hovers consistently around 8.2 and my hardness is 16-20. Nitrates run 20-40ppm and I keep my tanks around 76-78 degrees.

I keep Water Wisteria, Anacharis, Jungle, contortiona nd Corkscrew vals, along with a moss ball and a couple different amazon swords.

Are there any particular formulations I should be using, based on my water parameters?

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I use liquid ferts in the 45lt and the 5ft tank.
The 45lt is Seachem only plus their fert tabs.
The 5ft I use a locally made liquid fert.

I prefer to use the liquids even though it can cost more than the powders. The main reason it is the perfect balance every time.

To work out exactly what I required I contacted Seachem explaining what I had and what water test results they require and after a few short E/m I had the types and amounts to use. Several months later I did the same tests contacted Seachem again and a slight alteration was made.
Some of the ferts are used every day and others are used only twice a week.

Seachem are a costly product but you do get quality plus a excellent service which many do not.


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