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Subscribealgae in new planted tank
Small Fry
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ok guys so its been 3 weeks for my tank and its now starting to grow a bit of green algae etc on the sides of the tank and a bit on some plants is this to be expected or is there something im not doing correctly

20 neon tetras
3 discus getting 3 more so there will be 6
4 julie cories
and trying to find some ottos my lfs will hold 5 or 6 when he gets them in
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male usa us-colorado
Yes some algae is always in a tank. With a 3 week old tank
you are in the middle of a shift. The tank is running
through its Nitrogen Cycle, the new plants are becoming
aclimated to their new environment (loosing old leaves,
growing new and smaller ones, and new roots) and
through this the fish are eating and eliminating
waste products into the tank.

When you are in this position, along with the fish you
want, it would be a good idea to add some algae eaters,
such as the ottos. You don't say anything about the size
of the tank, but one can only assume that if you are going
to have that many discus in it, it must be a pretty good
size. I'd add about 6 or so of the ottos, and keep
working on the the glass with a scraper.


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