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Small Fry
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I'm trying to learn a lot about aquarium plants. So, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a thread about aquarium plants where we could share our experiences and use this as a resource to help us choose future plants for our tanks. So, if you want, please post your opinions about the plants that you have experience with. To make things simpler, I thought we might could all follow a similar format, something like this :

Name of plant

Type of plant (does it float on the surface, is it a moss, does it root in the substrate, etc.?)

Level of care (you can specify whether it was a breeze or a total pain [and if so state why], or somewhere in between)

Pros (obviously most plants look pretty, but did it serve as a hiding place for shy fish or fry? Did it serve as a supplemental source of food for your fish, like duckweed does for koi? Do you feel it made a positive impact on your water parameters? etc.)

Cons (unforeseen or otherwise) (like frequently clogging the filter, etc.)

Hardiness/Survivability (do you feel it was a hardy plant? Do you think it could survive in a cichlid aquarium? Does it have a bad taste so that most fish won't eat it? etc.)

Overall sentiments (Do you feel this plant is a good plant for aquariums? If it's a lot of trouble, is it worth it? Would you put this plant in other tanks of yours? etc.)

Feel free to include any other information you think is pertinent, or add additional sections if you wish. I personally have no experience with plants, so I'm hoping to learn from those of you who have had them
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Small Fry
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male usa us-colorado
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Nice idea blackmagic01,

there is some speculations around the plant i really like here we go,

Lucky Bamboo/Dracaena sanderiana

~its a root bound plant, that is generally sold and grown in water.

My pro is that about over a year ago i gave this plant a try it has kept my nitrate levels down and since it has been alive with no problems such as rot or root rot it. Also it looks very nice.

the only con is these plants are not made for aquariums and can rot out if not done properly. it does not provide coverage for the fish i only use it to help the nitrates and for looks. also you need to have room to grow these out of the top of your tank. I have noticed in the aqaurioum water it grows faster than the vase ones.(btw a tip if you see this plant rotting at all in your aquarium take it out right away!)

hardiness is amazing with these plants one of them was full submerged before it grew out of the water , i dont recomend full submerging this plant due to higher risk of rot. otherwise these lucky bamboos have been growing in the tank for a long while and no problems for over a year.

If you can get it right with out rotting it is very worth it for me this was my first try with the bamboo and I have success, it is good for the fact it lowered my nitrate levels.and I will be buying a couple more to test in our new aquarium
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