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SubscribeWeak anacharis?/elodea? stems
Small Fry
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as you can see the main stem is nice and sturdy but fading in color and overall health although the future "cutting" is lush green with very short inter node length...almost non-existent. running aquatech 30-60 power chemical media...only aerator "during the day" 20gallons. 80 degrees fahrenheit. 10ml seachem flourish 3 times a week after every water change. 5 watts per gallon w/ t5 lighting. roughly 5000-5500 lumen is this typical behavior for this type of newly purchased plant? as far as the main stem "dying" while the cutting "flourishes" i assume the cutting is taking all the nutrients from the main stem for some reason the only thing i can think of for the weak stem since its growing more horizontal is its growing too good too fast. let me know what you think please........perhaps i should float it

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Snip off the "good" part and allow it to float.
Provided the light is appropriate the sprig will heal
and begin to grow and soon turn into a rope with legs
as the roots start to sprout.

When you purchase stem plants, it is recommended that
you remove the band, and then plant the stems in groups
of threes. This plant prefers cooler water, not tropical
water, and if let to float, will begin absorbing nutrients
as its growth takes off. If you separate the bunch and
plant the sprigs, what happens is what we see in the
picture. You don't give any information on your lighting,
but if I remember the picute you posted, it should be

The "other thing" you should know is that whenever you
remove a plant and put it elsewhere, even in the same tank,
the plant has to acclimate to its new environment. During
that time the plant uses its stored nutrients while it
allows old leaves to wither, grow new smaller leaves, and
put out new roots.


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