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SubscribeGot a brand new 125 gallon tank with me<x>tal stand
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female usa us-michigan
Hey everybody,
My eldest daughter brought us a 125 gallon tank as an early Christmas gift. We plan to dump everyone from the 2 separate tanks into it. The problem is the sailfin plec uproots or eats everything in site. The only plants not demolished so far is the anubias and frill plants (constantly uprooted & floating). He has eaten almost all of my crypts, and half of the swords. Any suggestions for any live plants that will stand a chance of not being up rooted or eaten by this fish.

TTFN --->Ta-Ta-For-Now
Kelly ;o}
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male usa us-colorado
Hi Kelly,
Congrats on the 125!
With that particular critter, I think you are pretty much stuck. As big as it gets it pretty much plows through, and over anything and everything.


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