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kj fishy-finn
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female usa
I have a 20 gallon tank which has been newly planted within the last few weeks. I also have a Hagen CO2 system set up and running. A friend told me it was a good/relatively cheap CO2 system. I have my plants planted in just my gravel. No special mediums or anything.

I was wondering what the best approach/product would be to fertilize my aquarium/plants?

kj fishy-finn <*)))><
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male usa us-delaware
I think this will also depend on your lighting and types of plants you plan to keep...

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When setting up a new tank, you would want to use plants
that are easy to grow as long as you add water and light.
Some of the floating plants and some rooted plants actually
fit that bill. Wisteria is one that will root and grow
quite easily. Anacharis is another, although a floating
plant that prefers cooler water, it will grow fine
in water that is in the mid to upper 70s.
As the tank seasons over the months the substrate
will begin to be able to support the rooted plants such
as Swords and Crypts.

Unless you are using "plant friendly" substrates the plants
will have to derive their nutrients what is floating
in the water and use the roots primarily as anchors.
Later on the roots will begin the uptake of nutrients

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