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Aggressive neons;
I bought six tiny neon tetras to coexist with my last adult sized neon from my last batch. A few hours after being released from the bag, they began c...
Rookie_Boy1330-Mar-2015 07:59
ID question
got this little guy from LFS because he came in with another batch of different fish, and no one knew what it was. any ideas??...the one up top is fe...
jsciacca125-Sep-2014 06:38
Aggressive Diamond Tetra
We have a 20 gallon tank that has been running for about two months. About a month ago we added two diamond tetras and one died within a few days. Y...
blackadder321-Apr-2013 03:43
top dwelling tetra
Hi all, I have a tank with two bolivian rams and a school of 5 colombian tetras. Is there a top dwelling tetra that might work with what I have....
dupja613-Aug-2012 10:34
Colored widow tetras?
I went to a nearby LFS today and saw widow tetras with some very strange colors - one group was light blue (more like the color you get if you acciden...
upikabu827-Apr-2012 22:12
Predator tetras
Found out the hard way that even small tetras can be predators. I went to the pet store for fish food. I found a few pest/pond snails there. I a...
Kellyjhw609-Apr-2012 09:13
Recently bought 10 guppies fron same shop. Very young female guppies. Added them to 180l tank with other guppies and few mollies. Notice that...
jeves126-Mar-2012 07:57
Hummingbird Tetra/Darter Characin
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this fish (scientific name Characidium fasciatum )? I'm planning my empty 38 gallon as a rain...
Joe Potato629-Jan-2012 19:17
what to keep with diamond tetras...
Hi all, I'm new to the forum! I'm in the process of setting up my 75 gallon tank and I would really like to keep Diamond Tetras, I'm wondering what o...
rr89119-Oct-2011 02:12
Breeding Colombian Tetra!
I have 3 Colombian tetras, 2 Of which are bigger and more plump then the other one. All clues point to them being females. They belong to a 20 gal...
MaximilianDub418-Sep-2011 19:00
Poecilocharax weitzmani (Black Darter Tetra)
has anyone kept these or have personal experience with them?...
CukeRooster023-Jun-2011 17:00
Missing Eyeball!?!
Pages: 1, 2
I got some 5 silver dollars in a 90 gallon tank with some other fish. To my horror this morning, one of the Silver dollars was missing a single eyebal...
General Hague2021-Mar-2011 03:35
Neon Tetra's and Aquarium Salt
Quick question, would adding Aquarium salt to an aquarium with neons be beneficial or detrimental?...
davyboy117-Jan-2011 18:01
Life span of Neons?
Does anyone know the normal expected life span of neon tetras?...
Kellyjhw328-Oct-2010 04:55
Help with lighting for tetras
Hello everyone. I have had 4 neons and one guppy living happily in my 10 gallon tank for a year and a half now. My question is... During the day when...
fishtooth510-Oct-2010 17:01
Neon Tetra behavior.
Hey all, I recently set up my 10 gallon tank, I let it cycle for 2 weeks, added 2 guppies and within a month after that added 5 neons. This is at capa...
scottg1731004-Mar-2010 08:02
Cardinals and Neons are not identical, Right?
daddySEAL1403-Feb-2010 09:48
Red Phantom and Green Neon Tetras
I am interested in getting a school of each of these fish and was wondering if they were a little hardier than Glow Light Tetras or are they always si...
zeketaz808-Jan-2010 15:04
My New Tetra (Wolf Fish) - Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus
Pages: 1, 2
Ok guys, so, i dont have him yet, but i thought i would warn you that i will be posting lots of photos of this quite rare 'Tetra'. Eventually, hopef...
Mez2514-Dec-2009 22:54
Mixed Tetra?
I have a 55gal community tank running a Rena Xp3 filter. 2 SAE 5 Kuhli loaches 3 Otto's 7 Neons The neons have only been in for 3 days and seem t...
lowlight114-Dec-2009 08:35
Glow light tetra question
I got 6 glow light tetras almost 2 weeks ago. They're all doing great, but I have one that tends to be a loaner and stay away from the group. Today af...
zeketaz315-Aug-2009 15:32
Some clips of my unusual oddball aquarium
Thought I'd post some vids of my unusual tank. Yes, it is overstocked. I bought all these fish as babies when I set up the tank in 2007 and haven't pu...
whynitica1417-May-2009 22:47
Tetra Tank Mates
hey guys, I have a 20gallon tank and am planning on stocking it with 4 julii corys, a dawrf gourami, and 6 ______ tetras, which is where this post com...
oldfishnewfish325-Jan-2009 06:00
Silver Tipped Tetras - real size
Hi Everyone, I am considering stocking my 29 gallon with 7 Silver Tipped Tetras and 6 or so Serpae's. My question is how big do the Silver Tips real...
Cmreds424-Jan-2009 14:37
Mottled Neons?
I was just at the LFS and saw a tank marked "Neons" but the colouration seems to have been reduced to just spots - no line. The effect was neat - like...
chips1420-Jan-2009 17:08
"Asian" Rummynose
Ok, all you Tetra experts and afficianados out there!! Has anyone ever seen ro heard of Asian Rummynose Tetras? Or, would there be another name they...
ScottF711-Jan-2009 21:54
What Tetras?????
hey tomorrow i am getting a bigger tank for my male betta and wat type of tetras (or any other type of fish) get along well with bettas??? plz reply i...
bettadude710-Jan-2009 16:18
Awesome Neon Schooling Behavior
Just a little story... So I was at my LCS (i know don't get me started) looking at the black neons that i was going to buy for my 20g and while i was...
MoFish510-Jan-2009 03:35
Favorite Tetra
Pages: 1, 2
The parameters for what qualifies as your "favorite tetra" is all up to you. Write down (linking is optional) on here what your favorite specie is....
The Mutant Goldfish2030-Dec-2008 21:42
How many members here also own Congo Tetras
They are about the coolest tetra imaginable. BIG(up to 4" , close schooling and beautifully iridescent rainbow colored:
daddySEAL416-Sep-2008 19:03
Would like stocking opinions.
90 gal tank. Five Silver Dollars (Metynnis argenteus) Ten Silver Tips (Hasemania nana) Ten Red Eyes (Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae) Ten Penguinfish (T...
Davex01029-Aug-2008 09:02
Baby Black Neon
i was just doing a water change and noticed hiding behind the swords and driftwood towards the bank of the tank was a baby or probably toddler black n...
lsburton223-Jul-2008 12:36
Rummynose Tetras
Pages: 1, 2
Has anyone ever kept Rummynose Tetras? I saw some for the first time at the LFS and I am hooked! I am going to get 4 for my 10g, once I make sure the...
ScottF2104-Jul-2008 22:54
Lighting for Neons?
I know that Neon Tetras need lower lighting levels to have their best colors so... What would be the best wattage in a ten gallon tank for Neon tetras...
Soidfuf826-Jun-2008 02:12
Smallish schooling tetra? for color and behavior? I want to know opinions and why you feel that way!...
H-Dub1517-Jun-2008 05:40
Do Neons and Cardinals eat on plants?
like anacharis? (and other fine leafed plants)...
daddySEAL731-May-2008 02:16
Gold Pristella Tetras
My son wanted to go to the LFS last weekend so in the car we hopped and off we went. (I don't need any excuse to go lol) He begged and begged me to...
ScottF607-May-2008 03:54
Red Phantom and Lemon schools
Hi all Just an observation I would like to share. I have approx 10 of each red phantom and lemon tetras in a 5ft comm tank. Its fairly well planted wi...
mews210-Mar-2008 04:50
White skirt tetra eggs
no idea what to do with them! should i move them? i have 3 mystery snails which i imagine would love them look at my profile to see rest of fish, i pu...
JBennett181118-Feb-2008 06:36
Silver-Tipped Tetras
Hello. I have a 29 gallon tank. I have 4 silver-tipped tetras, 3 zebra danio and a butterfly pleco. I had 2 black mollies that just died. I'm trea...
ogothangel1627-Jan-2008 19:13
Active female tetra
My female diamond tetra who is slightly purple, likes to chase around my 2 male diamonds who are yellow. Any reason for this strange behaviour? She's...
art-fish221-Jan-2008 03:08
Aggressive Diamond Tetra
I have a group of three diamond tetras in a five gallon tank, and one of the tetras keeps the other two cornered behind the heater. If they come out,...
nerissa1020-Jan-2008 22:38
What is the difference between the Banded Leporinus (Leporinus affinis)and the Black Banded Leporinus (Leporinus fasciatus)? I can't find the differen...
Soidfuf105-Jan-2008 05:50
Bite mark or something else?
Hi all! Several weeks ago, I noticed a very tiny white spot on the side of the mouth of one of my Redeyed tetras. It looked like some his scales whe...
Mitchee104-Jan-2008 20:34
How many Cardinals?
Hi There! I was debating over what small fish i could get for the 20g that is; small, common, brightly colored, and easy to maintain. Keithg told me...
GobyFan20071905-Dec-2007 06:52
Bully Cardinal was this the cause????
concern I posted "concern" in hospital and I have just noticed one of the cardinals...
keithgh402-Nov-2007 10:38
New Tetras
I got my aquabid winnings today . They were sold to me as Hyphessobrycon tino but from what little I can find they are also known a Hyphessobrycon...
Doedogg520-Oct-2007 07:32
Red Bellie Pirahnas
Hi everyone I'm new here. I'm looking for people who keep pirahnas. I have two red bellie pirahnas which I have grown up together for a year now. Thes...
L.Poore315-Oct-2007 03:40
Schooling Tetra
i am currently thinking about adding a few tetra to a tank and want a tight school- like rummynose tetra, i was just wandering what other tetra school...
fandan913-Oct-2007 05:25
Tetra Tank
Hi everyone, I am new to this website, but sof ar its really good. OK. I have a 20 gallon tank in my livingroom. It use to have a whole bunch of H...
Zix Stix609-Oct-2007 08:08
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