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CORAL OF THE WEEK-------Zoanthus spp.
Pages: 1, 2
Scientific name: Zoanthus spp. Classification: Soft coral/zoanthid anemone Common names: Button polyps, Zoo's, Zoa Descr...
DarkRealm Overlord3825-May-2007 13:05
Anemones... a pseudo FAQ
Pages: 1, 2
I notice alot of talk about anemones. As far as "possible" compatible clownfish/anemone combinations the following indicates the most preferred to lea...
Dan2517-May-2007 00:59
Coral of the week------Tubastrea (sun polyps)
Pages: 1, 2
Scientific name: Tubastrea sp. Classification: LPS Common names: Orange cup coral, sun polyps, sun coral, black sun polyps (T....
DarkRealm Overlord2908-Sep-2005 07:03
its my first saltwater tank so i dont have all of the compatibility knowledge that i do of freshwater, i have some fish in mind that i want to put in...
JBennett181611-Apr-2022 16:20
How Much ?
Is it a lot harder to maintain a reef tank than just a normal freshwater aquarium ?...
Aquarium4um.com006-Mar-2015 16:23
diy pc canopy ?'s and possible build
so im going to be building a custom canopy in the near future. but have some questions about lighting. the tanks is a 20gal mini reef. currently has a...
sodaaddict84011-Apr-2011 18:52
Learning my Nanoreef
So I'm an experienced keeper of a variety of freshwater and a FOWLR tank from years ago, but I just recently (about a year ago) decided to try my hand...
hundredakerwood707-Mar-2010 14:41
This may be a stupid question, but whats a good watts per gallon to keep most hard corals, Also does atinic light count towards whats per gallon, or o...
cherrybarb216-Dec-2009 12:34
Matty Frag Rack
Pages: 1, 2
Some recent shots from my frag system: Blue echino: Green...
mattyboombatty2222-Feb-2009 15:12
Matt's "new" 50g reef setup.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
Well, I call it new, but I'm really just transferring everything in my 30 setup over to the 50 which used to be a fw high tech planted tank. It will b...
mattyboombatty6921-Jan-2009 20:57
Aquarium Chemistry
Hi all. I've recently undertaken a 2.5 gallon pico reef project. So far, so good. But I was wondering... how does one determine whether or not esse...
ipsomatic9820-Jan-2009 02:45
180 reef log
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Well taking advice, im going to start a log on the new tank! Its been sitting upright for about a month now, but this weekend i finally got it set up....
swiftshark889307-Sep-2008 00:42
Fluidized bed filter for a reef?
Hi!! I just got my hands over a great fluidized bed filter, and an extra tank from a client that didn't want it anymore, and i was wondering if it wo...
Falstaf328-Aug-2008 16:55
Reef Walls Problem
Hello, I have a 55 gallon tank and in the past I had used purple up to make the rocks purple and have been perfect for the past 3 years, this week sud...
chavakn123-Jul-2008 15:50
Before and after
Just wanted to post some pics of corals I picked up yrs ago and what they look like now. Frogspawn
Melosu58403-Jun-2008 20:14
Stoking a 214 gallon tank
Hi! I have a client that wants a 214 gallon tank for his restaurant (300cm long x 60cm tall x 45cm width) here is a mock up image that the architect...
Falstaf905-Apr-2008 03:39
Easy corals????
I am trying to plan a tank and I am interested in having some corals.I haven't even started this project yet,but I am in the planning stages.I don't...
CrazyClowns1115-Feb-2008 02:53
Show me
Hey all, not sure who is still here and whos still reefing... anywayz link a pic if you are still living the salty life. My reef ended in a way that...
Dark Lotus626-Jan-2008 14:37
Blue and Green Ricordia
Hey I just picked up some blue green Ric's. There are 6 of them on a rock. I Payed 30$ I'll post Pictures when they open up....
Gilligan516-Oct-2007 01:39
Looking for a New coral...
I'm looking for a new coral maybe a Colt or something any Ideas?...
Gilligan425-Sep-2007 16:35
Your favorite coral
So what's your favorite coral that you own? Give some basic info and a pic if you can. Past and current corals are ok as long as the pic is your own....
mattyboombatty326-Jul-2007 01:53
Sand and rocks
i have a 30 gallon fish tank the has been running for over a year now where can i get some sand and live rock at a good price and good quality any one...
Norrec403-Jun-2007 00:37
Looking For Tank Mates
at the moment ive got a voltarn lionfish 6inch and a big red crab... 8inch in a 4'x 3'x 2' FOWLR which will turn into a sps reef when i ca...
Alex1322-May-2007 08:49
1-2mm Nudibranchs!?
Um, I've got a bit of a problem... I think ... In my sump I've spotted 3 little (1-2mm) of what appear to be nudibranchs or planaria in my sump...
poisonwaffle522-May-2007 04:26
Starting a small reef tank
I have a small 30 gallon tank that has been setup for over a year and a half now i have only 2 fresh watter fish living in it and a filter running. i...
Norrec708-May-2007 02:38
Corals? trade swap in NE Ohio
i wanted to know if anyone has corals they want to swap OR SELL just staring a new 55 gallon tank and looking to make it a nice one...
bratyboy2229-Mar-2007 21:38
New tank in process of being built!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Well, I just got off the phone with the guy that will be building the new tank. He is starting on it today. The tank will be 48 X 48 X 30 which makes...
DarkRealm Overlord15922-Dec-2006 11:53
A Nano
so im wanting to setup my 15 gallon as a reef. my plans are to have this system complete with live sand bed and live rock. im planning to keep mus...
bratyboy2705-Dec-2006 22:21
Coral Suggestions?
I'm going out this week looking for some coral for my tank, I love softies and LPS. What do you guys suggest?...
Gilligan223-Nov-2006 19:38
Weird Behavior?
My sebae Clown had been sleeping/hiding inside the mouth disc of my Long Tentacle Anenome. Should I be worried?...
Gilligan231-Oct-2006 05:52
[URL=] [/URL] [URL=http://img183.i...
Gilligan129-Oct-2006 03:54
What to use to keep Coral In place?
What brand of glue should I use for my 55 G reef tank, I'm just adding frags of colony polyps but I don't know which type of glue to use....
Gilligan227-Oct-2006 19:48
Can an OM be run in reverse? With 4 or 8 intakes and just the one out take (obviously this isnt all that practicle) but can it be done?...
Alex1027-Oct-2006 15:12
What Lives On Live Rock
hi i have just set up a 500 litre marine tanks with just 60 kgs of live rock in it.Have noticed sevral different species on the rock but can you tell...
STEED007423-Sep-2006 08:29
Clown - smudgy black marks
I have noticed that one of our clowns has increasing smudgy black marks on his upper body, that were not there to start with. I don't think they are...
TW521-Sep-2006 05:33
A little help needed...
I'm looking for a little help from the experienced here. I bought a mostly bleached, partially receding favia brain from my lfs at a rediculously low...
mattyboombatty814-Sep-2006 19:20
i have read that in a reef tank you can have as in extremely general rule 1inch of fish for 7.5gals. my question is when caculating how many inches...
Alex231-Aug-2006 17:38
Tangs And Greens
i'm looking for table greens to feed my tangs i feed them seaweed but am looking for something i can buy at the market i tried romaine lettuce but the...
seafan319-Aug-2006 00:40
Hello everyone this is my first time here and i have a question about something called aiptasia ....I think one sprouted in my tank and i am looking f...
seafan409-Aug-2006 03:05
Clear tenticals the size of spider webs
Hey guys, looking at one of my pieces of rock I saw it riddled with spiderwebs. On closer inspection I found that they were alive and were reaching s...
mrwizerd322-Jun-2006 07:41
Stone Crab
Hello, i've had my tank for about 2 years, ive been wondering why all my fish have been dissapearing. But yesterday i was watching the tank when i saw...
eBGDAE106-Jun-2006 22:12
ID needed
What on earth... [IMG]
terranova728-May-2006 04:39
New Reef
I have finally setup my 100g Reef. I have a wet dry sump of about 30 gallons, I have 2.5 Gallons of bioballs and a pump with a mechanical filter that...
mrwizerd728-May-2006 01:34
New Reef Log
Since my old reef log that I "started" was for my 20L, I'm starting a new log for my 46 BF. Livestock Fish Potter's Angelfish Re...
Racso1311-Apr-2006 02:39
Livestock Log :o)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Personal records, and for others to see I guess. Quick specs... -72 gallon AGA reef ready bowfront with 30 gallon sump/fuge -Dual 250 watt MH's (1...
terranova19104-Apr-2006 00:12
What to do now?
Hello, I've had my 30 gallon "reef" tank for around 4 years... I've been maintaining the tank pretty well, and have a protien skimmer, pumps, carbon f...
eBGDAE302-Apr-2006 03:32
My new buy!!!
I just ordered some coral for my 29 gallon. They will be my first coral I have ever kept, besides my florida condi anemone. I was wondering if I could...
Gerber77231-Mar-2006 23:02
Thinking Of Starting A New Tank
i want to start a new reef tank even tho im having trouble right now with my other tank i want to get a biger tank any sugestions on size i was thi...
Norrec030-Mar-2006 21:00
Everyones Opinions
I was just wondering what everyone elses opinions and preferences were on these topics: Do you keep the glass tops on or off? Canopy or no canopy? Re...
Racso317-Mar-2006 07:19
Is This Light Sufficient
I currently have a both an empty 29 gallon and a 20 gallon long tank. I'm considering setting this up as a reef tank system with the 20 gallon being...
OldTimer317-Mar-2006 02:31
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