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Small Fry
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Just got myself a Pleco, about 100mmm long he/she is, hasnt come out yet so not sure which sub species or whatever it is. What have ppl been feeding these? I hear zucchini blnched is good? bottom feeder pellets? algea wafers would be a must I presume.

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Fish Addict
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yeh zucchini or lettuce are the prevailing preferences, along with supplements like algae wafers and the like

Plecos also tend to like some wood in the tank, as that forms part of the diet and digestion. Depending on species, some plecos also like some meaty diets like shrimp pellets or the occasional frozen bloodworm. However, this shouldn't be the dominant food as it'll upset their digestive tract and in severe cases may be fatal.
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Fish Addict
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oh P: attach zucchini onto rock so it sinks to the bottom, and if it's shy initially try feeding it after lights out, then check the zucchini the next morning. If it looks like it's been chewed on, you know the pleco's eating but is just a lil shy. give it some time i reckon
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male usa us-colorado
Fish_Lover is correct. I have a nice flat rock that I use.
I use a rubber band to hold the zucchini to the rock so
that it settles to the bottom.


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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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The Pleco possibly comes out when the lights are off. How long have you had it? It still might be shy. My larger breeding ones mainly come out at morning feeding time.

I also use the rubber band and rock very simple but it works.

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Ultimate Fish Guru
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male uk
We are all aware right that some plecos are carnivorous?
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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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At this point I'm betting the original poster has a common. There's no indication that neilb would have paid the amount of money necessary for the more uncommon types of plecs such as the more carnivorous species.

Algae wafers and veggies are good for plecs. As they are primarily nocturnal, I usually feed my plecs at night.

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