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female usa us-michigan
While I was at work last night, my husband attempted to replant a sword plant that is coming up out of the gravel. But my male Angel was not having it. Bulldozer was on the other side of the tank, when my husband lifted the lid. In no more the 20 seconds, as my husband reached into the tank, Bulldozer speed up, splashed out of the water, back down to my husbands hand. My husband was caught by surprise and yanked his hand out. As he removed his hand, Bulldozer missed his target (the hand) and crashed into the glass and gravel. The stupid fish KNOCKED himself out or FAINTED from the excitement! My kids freaked, yelling to their dad, that he made the fish kill himself. After about 3 seconds of laying on the bottom of the tank, they saw this gills move and eye twitch. Bulldozer came to and started swimming about like nothing happened.

What the heck!?! Is this normal? Has this ever happened to anyone else? There's only the mated pair in a 40 gal tall, with about 20 MTS and pond snails.

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male uk
Not this, but i saw a betta simorum have a stroke the other day at work.
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Hmmm, not so much with angels, but I've heard that Iridescent Sharks are e to knocking themselves against the tank wall out in their panic attacks. Young arowana are also particularly easy to stress; I've been told that arowana have high blood pressure, but I'm not sure if I believe that.

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male australia au-victoria
I have had a Silver Shark sprint from one end to the other in a 4ft tank and knock him self silly for a few minutes. He came back to normal and lived for many years.

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