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I've had the best luck with macro mode, using flash and tank lights, no other lights in the room, and putting the cameral lense right up against the glass. putting the lense up against the glass takes away the glare you get when you step back. you have to have a really, really good camera (imo anyway) to get good pics without using flash. I have a decent camera that gets really good pics if I take them right, but any time I turn the flash off the pics suck.

congrats on the spawning and good luck with the fry. I just found a new fry food that's been working great. you can buy it at and it's called spray dried krill. basically it's just powdered krill. I have some juvenile white labridens less than an inch in length that I've been feeding this stuff to and it's working great so far. it's a powder, so even the tiniest fish can eat it.

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