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male usa
Hello all, I just had a pretty big gold severum die on me lastnight, he was pretty big and meaty, so, my roommate had the idea, he is a fish, and we do eat seafood often.. anyway, we fileted it like any catfish or salmon. so I got the idea... why dont I start raising fish to eat them, any ideas of good meaty fish to eat? that are easy to raise?
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Small Fry
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male canada
Did you actually eat the fish? To me that sounds kind of gross.
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Queen of Zoom
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Ummmmm wow, I really don't know what to say My sev is quite large as well...he hand-feeds, watches the tv if I'm sitting on the couch watching...he's like a pet and doing that would be like a person eating their cat or dog. I know, that's done in some places...I just can't get past the thought of eating my own pet

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male usa us-indiana
the "eating your pet" aspect aside, I've heard it's dangerous to eat fish that have been fed commercially prepared fish foods. not to mention all the meds that one typically uses throughout the course of a fish's lifetime. those chemicals and foods aren't exactly "human safe".
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Fish Addict
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female usa
hmmm, taste like chicken? But aside from that, meds can be a huge factor if you used them on your severum!

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Fish Addict
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female usa
I have a site that says that Rio Grane (Texas) Cichlids are good table fare:

I must say though......

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Ultimate Fish Guru
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male usa
eating a not killed fish is very dangerous, it is one thing to be healthy and than being killed, and being "fresh" but it is another thing to have a fish that died from an ilness, and eat them.

i also am not so sure about this, as it is the first time i heard of this, and it is kinda an unusualy request, and i wouldn't really suggest anything.
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Fish Guru
Lord of the Beasts
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male uk
While it does seem to be the ultimate logic in dealing with a fish corpse I have to say i'd have a little trouble actually preparing and eating a fish I had nurtured. Fortunately I have turtles who are most grateful for any corpses that come their way, even then it can be quite disconcerting to hear the bones of a previously much loved fish being crunched up through the water. Turtles can usually eat even rancid fish ,and arent susceptible to fish diseases, so at least im not giving them a poorly tummy, the same could not be said if I ate the fish myself.
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male usa
I've read somewhere that one of the main reasons you shouldn't release a home kept fish is that, if you used meds on the fish, and someone brings that fish home and eats it, it's liable to cause cancer and other health problems. You're better off going fishing. I also don't think with the cost of getting a decent amount of fish and feeding them and such would be any cheaper than going to the grocery store.
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female usa
no affence but EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW that is gross to eat your already daed fish that was sick. what if you got sick from it you could of diead or something not to metion all the health problems you could of goten from it. the first thing that came out of my mouth was "oh my goodness what was that person thinkingg"
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female canada
The first thing that caught my eye was that this person actually filleyed it..... let alone thought about eating it??!!

I agree about the whole just going fishing.... because from someone who's grown up with lakes all around, I can tell you catching the fish and going on the lake with the boat is like 90% of the fun!!!
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male newzealand
the grossness and cruelty aside

that's like, eating somebody who died of cancer. you don't do it. i suppose if it was alive and you killed it, it might be ok, but died for a reason.
Post InfoPosted 19-Feb-2006 07:52Profile PM Edit Report 
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male usa
just wanted to update... i am fine, and have since bought a 2 blood parrots that im beefing up.. trying not too use any meds if i dont have to
Post InfoPosted 20-Feb-2006 20:05Profile PM Edit Report 
Mega Fish
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female australia
You're new round here, right?

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Mega Fish
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female usa
I'd suggest tilapia, but you'd need a really, really big tank... wouldn't it be easier (and safer, and cheaper, and more fun) to get yourself a fishing liscence, rod and tackle, and go fishing?

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Big Fish
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male usa
So how did it taste?
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Fish Geek
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female australia
Ummm, I think I remember reading about your fish eating experiences on another thread recently, BORING!!!

Perhaps you could think of a topic that would be a lot more interesting and informative.

Have a nice day.

Those who say they cant, Never will !!!
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Show me the Shishies!
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further comments can be made in

Before you criticize someone walk a mile in their shoes. That way you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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