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SubscribeWorried About My Jack Dempseys
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female canada
hi all..
I've got two Jack's; one female and one male, in my 60 gal. tank. They're approx. 6-7 inches. They had alot of fry...of which about 15 survived and I've already taken out of the aquarium, except for one little bugger who kept hiding haha. Other then that, I've got one pleco in there as well.

Now I've realized that they've dug another hole in the gravel..and the female is always hiding behind some plants and my driftwood, and the male is often just on the bottom of the aquarium on the other side near the dugout. They don't come out when i feed them anymore...and they attempt it once i turn the lights off...but until the lights in my bedroom are off they basically don't budge..then i hear them snapping once i lay in bed.

I just wanted to make sure that nothing's wrong... and to see if anyone has ever had this happen with their JD's either after the fry are removed (they were approx. 7 months old..) or if it's bc they've layed or are going to lay more eggs. They've been like this for a little while and I just figured I'd ask.

Thanks in advance!
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female usa
Most likely they are or in the next couple days will be guarding eggs. Only other thought is they don't have enough decorations and hiding places to feel secure out in the open. Fish don't like to come out unless they know they can hide when they want to. If they don't have eggs or fry then adding more rocks or plants for cover might lure them back out. Chances are though they are just being good parents and gaurding their nest like most cichlids do.
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Mega Fish
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male australia
that sort of sounds normall.when most of my cichlids spawn,they spend most of the day in the cave/pot gaurding there eggs,tending to fry whateva...i say things will get back to normall give em time..well done on the fry..
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