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SubscribeAir pump needed with an oversized Filter?
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I have an 18 gallon tall fresh water with a Penguin 200. This HOB filter is good up to 50 gallons. Is it correct for me to assume that this quite oversized filter would further accommodate the use of NO pump? I assume that there will be considerably higher agitation and current flow than the smaller but adequate Penguin 100 (Up to 20 gallons) which is 2 models down and signifigantly smaller. As soon as I turn off my pump, my tank instantly seems so much more peaceful. I am like many that just feel uncomfortable after a while and turn it back on, but I have to think that this over-sized filter has got to be more than enough to oxygenate the water adequately. But, I am no expert, hence the question. And I do have some live plants and do not use CO2. Thanks in advance.
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Are there any fish in the tank?

How is the HOB not providing enough agitation? Or is it that filter the which of you turn off? Why two filter units on such a small tak? Looks like it just houses plants?

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