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SubscribeGreen Water..Please Help
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Now i know there are quite a few people on here with large ponds like myself that should be able to help, so please feel free. I have a 2,000 U.S. gal. pond that is giving me problems more then ever in the 6 years ive had it. The water is just the darkest green ive ever seen. The pond is about 5 feet deep and visability is about 3 inches deep. My current filter i run is a bioforce 2,000 + UV. I often scoop out all of the gunk on the bottom and dont over feed/ over stock. I have goldies and a couple koi in there. I hope this is all just from the extreme heat we've had here in NJ but its really bothering me. Im on my way out now to pick up some barley straw but was hoping someone out there would know of any very effective additives i could also try. What are everyones remedies against the all too well know green algae?
thanks in advance all

p.s. there is plenty of shade.

-jim g
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Well in one of the planted tank threads there was a great entry from Matty about such things. For the life of me I can't find it!

The basics was plant life to help shade out the pond. I would also like to add to make sure your UV is still working. I know Tetratech used one in his tank for GW and it took care of it in a hurry!

Best wishes!

55G Planted tank thread
19G Container Pond
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