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SubscribeI Want To Start A Pond
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male usa
i have plenty of room
i need basic instructions on when and how to start a pond

i like feesh
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Hey there JB,

Well now.... where to start...basics... so many things to consider, I guess first off, check with your state Dept.of fish and wildlife to see if a "pond permit" is required, not all states require this, but some do (Washington does require the permit and they even come out to your property to perform a "site survey" )and if so required, they should be able to provide some basic info as to what the specific conditions would be for your property, they just don't want the possible accidental introduction of "non-native" fish into the regional waters by means of flooding of creeks, rivers or natural ponds, good example google search the snakehead.
Next thing to consider, stocking, what do you plan to keep and how many, ya may want to keep this in mind while determining a pond size/layout and the capacity of the filtration system, A pumphouse for the filtration system, do you plan to incorporate a watergarden, waterfalls, if your fish get really large and your pond is less than 4ft deep, how and where are you going to winter them (if you live in a freezing state)or are you going to attempt to heat the pond (not recommended...$$$$ lol). Animal deterants for cats....dogs...birds of prey.. racoons...
then the underground plumbing lines and powerlines (for the house and the pond), fish containment in the event of terrential rains overflow the pond, your fish stay put..
There is alot of things to consider, this little bit just barely touches the surface, take a run down to the public library, check out some books on pond construction/design , care and maintenance and above all else, safety !
Best time to NOT dig, winter... hehehe

hope this helps a little, good luck !!
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