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El Tiburon Tailandes
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male costarica
Folks, if you'll recall, I had some pangasius catfish which y'all had recommended building a pond for...

Well, the thing is built, I will post some pictures when I get a chance.

I bought a Tetra Kit to test the water parameters, to see if I can begin putting in some fish in there.

The results were:

pH: 7.5
Ammonia: none
Nitrites: none
General Hardness: 3
Carbonate Hardness: 3

I gather the water is so 'soft' because of the rainwater that has been hitting us mercilessly for months now.....

I have no previous pond experience so Im wondering if the water looks good to put in some fish.

For anyone wondering, the pond is about 3 meters long, about 1.5 meters wide and about 1 meter deep.

Appreciate your time and any help you may provide,

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