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SubscribeRubbermaid Pond
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Mega Fish
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if you leave it above ground you'd want to build it a frame to support the sides from bowing...

you can burry it but it would be better if you bought a black colored container and edged it with slate hanging over the edges so you dont see the handle... also make sure you seal up any holes you make or see a the bottom or in the handles...

i did it with a similar tub over the summer in a wicker chest for support.

also make sure you get a good filtration system set up or you get lots of live plants for the season times with fish... you'll also need a heavy duty heater or two for keeping the water warm in the cold seasons/times if you are going to keep tropicals outdoors.


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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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I wouldn't do it. They are not meant to handle weather and water pressure. Depending on where you live most of it could freeze over, which isn't all that good for your fish. I do not know if I would even fill one all the way to the top with water due to water pressure.

What you want is a rubbermaid stock tank. These things are made for livestock to drink water from, made to make sure that they'll last whether or not the water in it freezes, through hail, or if a cow decides to kick it. Plus, you can get them in sizes way above 50 gallons. More expensive, sure, but they're actually made for holding water.

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Fish Addict
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i know many people that use rubbermaids for rays but they are mainly really wide but not very deep.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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I've tried using rubbermaid containers before as hospital tanks but like shini said, they don't handle the pressure.

Stock tanks are much better, I spotted one of my LFS back in the states using the big 400gal ones to keep corals in and asked where they got them from, turns out my parents were able to pick them up from a feed store near them and bring one down to me !

A 50 gal will set you back about $50, though I found water changes a bit difficult as I was keeping it on the floor as a 'pond'.

It was only stocked with a few rescued goldfish, and had an AC 500 on one end and a powerhead I'd run during the day from time to time.


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Fish Guru
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If you don't mind dropping down to a 20G then a rope tub works great. They cost about $7 from walmart or lowes. Here is mine from last summer. I was able to breed paradise fish in it and grow out a couple of BN plecos.

55G Planted tank thread
19G Container Pond
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