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SubscribeNeed help stocking 20 gallon..
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HI all... I haven't been on here in ages..hehe..anyway.. i have a 20 gallon and I don't know what to put in it. I want something interesting, beautiful, easy enough to take care of... I know my options are a little limited with this size, but I thought there might be people on here who would have great ideas on the fish..and even the aquascaping... i've never had real plants but i'm not against that idea. Whatever you guys think would be appealing to the eye ! Thanx in advance for any advice!

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If you want a low-maintence planted tank there is always the option of getting a nice piece of driftwood and attaching low-light plants to it(or planting them directly) like this:

As for fish I like the idea of small tetras, a group of corydoras, and maybe a dwarf gourami.

Or possibly a large school of microrasboras?

Sparkeling gouramis are another fish that stays very small and is quite a looker.

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