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On the anvil...
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male usa us-ohio
So it seems my patience has increased over the years. I'm waiting for my fish-less cycle to finish and I started thinking. I know I want a pair or two of rams, a school of cardinals, and a smaller school of corydoras. What I'm not sure about is what order to introduce these fish into my aquarium. I've accepted that I won't put any more than 4 into my tank at one time, and that is only after being in quarantine for 2-4 weeks for each batch.

So what do you guys do with your fish? Put the more timid ones in first? Last? I'm thinking I'll put in my corys first, then my cardinals, and my rams last.
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The girl's got crabs!
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female australia au-newsouthwales
I'd almost be tempted to put the cardinals in first in case you happen on a batch that is not so good. Cories and Rams tend to be much more predictable, but cardinals are starting to become as problematic as neons in that they vary wildly in health and quality from batch to batch and shop to shop.

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female usa
Yeah, I'm doing my fishless cycle too (and it's driving me up a wall [as many here know, lol]) but I'm planning to put my gold longfin danios in first, and then the Bolivian Rams, then the frog and the goby (assuming I can get my white-cheeked goby), and then the kuhlii loaches. Then if I need one, I'm planning to add a bristlenose pleco, but that will be far down the line (probably about three months or so in if I have algae trouble).
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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
I would go for 3-4 very hardy fish like Zebra Danio and if any thing happened to them after 1-2 weeks you have a BIG problem. I had them breeding in my 45lt when it was cycling.

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male usa us-delaware
If you have a big ammonia source, there are ways you can fishless cycle and get a fully stocked tank once it's done... I once fishless cycled a 55 gallon and then went out and bought about 30 fish. Worked just fine.

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On the anvil...
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male usa us-ohio
I was planning on waiting until my fishless cycle was complete before adding any fish to the tank. I'll be having all my fish in quarantine for at least 2 weeks before they go into my tank to observe and make sure there are no problems. I was just thinking about any aggression issues.
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Big Fish
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female usa us-michigan
I think you should add the cardinals first, cories second, rams last.

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On the anvil...
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male usa us-ohio
I think that's the way I'll probably go too. Guess its time to get the Q-Tank ready for a few. Hopefully my tank will have finished it's cycle by then.
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