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SubscribeSafe online plant purchasing.
Small Fry
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Registered: 21-Mar-2009
Hey guys,
I was wondering if you guys know of any safe, secure, reliable and (possibly) internationnal site that sells plants. I have tried many of the big sites, like Tropica, Doctors (foster&Smith), Aquarium plants, etc...
The problem is that, because I live in Canada, they either cost way to much, or simply don't ship.
I understand that Tropica sells plants but you need the catalogue first, which is of little interest to me.

The only pet shops near me are Big Al's and Petsmart. Big Al's is the only specialised one, which has a good, but limited, plant selection.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Fish Addict
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female usa us-illinois
I've used Them on a few occassions for plants and fish- no troubles at all, and they ship to canada
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Small Fry
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Registered: 21-Mar-2009
Thanks, that really helps!
How are there rates? Reasonnable?
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male usa us-colorado
EditedEdited 03-Jan-2010 18:03
I've used AZ Gardens for years now and never had any
problems. If you are going to order from them DO READ
their information for first time buyers. If you do and
you follow their directions, it will be a very fine
experience. I always wait until they have processed
and shipped their week's orders and the dust settles,
then I call them. Think ahead of time of what you want
to do with your tank(s), know the size of the tank,
know what you have for substrate (regular aquarium gravel
or some other type (Flourite, ADA Soil, etc)
know the total wattages of your bulbs, what kind of bulbs
they are, and how many watts per gallon light you have.
Know if you are going to use injected CO2, and know your
water chemistry, pH GH KH. Then call them and discuss
your dreams for the tank.


-->>> The Confidence of Amateurs, is the Envy of Professionals <<<--
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Small Fry
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Registered: 21-Mar-2009
AZ gardens eh?
Ok, I'll visit them (online).
This time, the tank is already set up and i'm just adding plants.
Would it be safe to add more substrate to a tank after its been set up and cycled?
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