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SubscribeSame water/different pH.
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male usa
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How often do you do WCs and how old is the 10g? Unless something in the tank is driving down the pH, you could be experiencing old tank syndrome and/or your water isn't well buffered. Can you test for kh (carbonate hardness)?

I personally use Seachem Acid and Alkaline buffers to control pH and raise kh. I stay away from phosphates.
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male usa
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I recently setup the 10g tank. I put a tablespoon of vinegar in and the pH is now 6.0. In went the Danios and now the Rams have the whole 20g to share with the Otocinclus who don't bother the babies. Boy there sure is A LOT of babies.

The vinegar only holds the pH down for a while. But the Danios cycled my 1st tank when the pH was higher. I'm just going to be sure to check the pH often hopefully it'll level off between 6 and 7.6 and the Danios will get used to the level.

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Once you have things under control, and the fish in their
tanks, you might want to run some checks.

There are several things that could have occurred to give
you the two different pH readings within the 4-5 months
of drawing the water.

4 months ago, we were in the Summer months and your
water company could have changed the sites from which
they draw their water.
In some cases it is different wells and different
aquifers. In other cases it is drawn from different lakes,
or different levels within a large lake. Each new source
can present different water chemistries. Treating that
new source can cause them to add more, or less of various
chemicals that can affect the water's pH.

As hinted to in the reply about Old Tank Syndrome, the
result of the accumulation of organic waste products is
increased organic acids. This accumulation will drive the
water into the acidic ranges. I kind of doubt this is
the case in your tank as it was only set up 4 months ago.
I shudder to think of the conditions of a tank that would
cause it to go into OTS within 4 months. As an experiment,
I found it took my 29 over a year to reach that point.

In water with no carbonate rocks (limestone, dolomite,
coral, etc.) in it, the normal behavior is for the pH to
drop toward the acidic ranges as the tank ages. That is
why good tank maintenance, including water changes and
gravel vacuuming is so important.

I did not see anything about your water test kit.
That could be your villain. If you are using paper test
strips, they are notorious for giving false indications.
Literally, everything from temperature, to moisture, to
light, adversely affects them and the results are what
you see... Way off readings from just months earlier.

If you are using the liquid reagents, they too can be
affected by light (that is why they come in opaque bottles)
and heat. They are also time sensitive and you should note
the "use by" dates on each bottle. Tests with a kit that
was marginal 4 months ago and now definitely out of date,
could very well give different results, when the water is
actually or nearly the same. When stocking shelves in any
type of store employees are trained to take the stuff
currently on the shelf and move it forward and place the
new stuff behind it. That way the oldest is sold first.

Any time "we" find a result similar to yours in testing,
we should always take a sample to the LFS and ask them
to test it and see if the results confirm your findings.
In over 5 decades of fish keeping, I have yet to find a
store that refuses to do free testing.

Some "stuff" to think about.


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*Ultimate Fish Guru*
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male australia au-victoria
I am many miles from you in Aust but I do know the water peramiters do change partiular in our area the readings in mid spring-early summer are totally different to the colder winter months.

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