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Subscribe30 gallon hexagon tank
Small Fry
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male usa
Im starting a 30 gallon freshwater tank and just wanted some ideas on some ciclihids I can put in them other then geophagus, bolivian, and blue rams as I have them in my 100 gallon tank. Any ideas are good and helpful
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Mega Fish
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female usa
What kind of community are you trying to create? Will the tank be planted? If you're going for similar fish to what you have in your 100, I'd suggest keyhole cichlids or even firemouths. If you're open to something very different, I'd suggest setting the tank up as a breeding colony of Neolamprologus brichardi, which would be a single-species tank.

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male usa us-colorado
Along with the decision as to what fish to put in that
tank, you also need to be especially concerned about how
many fish...

Here is a link to help you with your decision:


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