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i havent had an aquarium in some 8 years, i was VERY into it, but im a bit rusty...

I'm trading a 55 gallon for a 36 gallon bowfont, and I hav a vague idea of what im looking for lol

At first i thought i wanted an amazon tank, but yeah.. idk now

I really want threadfin rainbows, but i also want an african butterfly fish... i have had them before, but not together, and the butterfly never left the surface of the tank, unless it was to jump out lol.. is it possible threadfins would be less likely to spend time on the surface? I thought about adding some sort of livebearer to distract...

I also want ottos, some sort of cory, a pair of small cichlids as the mid/bottom centerpiece... ill also have a large number of shrimp... mostly for the fishs' entertainment

I'm going to rig up my own filter system, but im going to start with plants and shrimp only for a while until everything establishes... so I have time...

Anyone have pics of a heavily planted 36 gallon bowfront?
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Fish Guru
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male canada ca-ontario
Hi fishyhelper, welcome back to the hobby

I don't have a bowfront but if you search my posts in 2012-13 you'll see some pics of my 75g and 25g

I cannot limit myself to fish and plants from one region either although I'm an amazon nut.

I recommend using the larger tank. The fish will appreciate the extra space.

For live-bearers you have many choices. I have wild-type endlers and Montezuma swordtails. Green or pineapple swordtails are nice too. Platys are even easier to keep.

The Amazon Nut...
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