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SubscribeNeed help with my oscar tank !!!
Small Fry
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I am interested in getting some tropical fish for my new Tank

( Length 4ft width 1ft height 1ft.2" )

i really like oscars but have been told i can have other fish and i have been told i cant..

The fish i was considering were either
1. Oscar, green terror OR yellow severum and a saulfin pleco

2. Oscar, jack dempsey OR yellow severum and the pleco

3. Jack dempsey, green terror and the pleco

i also got told x3 silver dollars might go ok with x1 of the larger cichlid and the pleco

Are these fish compatible with one another i will be getting them all as young fish only 2-3 inches

the filter i will be using also is a aqua one 1200 external filter
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Big Fish
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Sailfin plecos get pretty big by themselves. A 4foot tank would be a grow out tank really fast. Are you planning to get a bigger tank anytime soon? If not I would recommend something that doesn't get so big but is to big or to fast for a Jack or Oscar to mess with since they get pretty big too! Try the interactive section and input your tank measurements. I think your tank may be to small for both fish at the same time. The growth rate is pretty fast for plecs and Oscars and they make A LOT of waste even for a good filter. Maybe think smaller scale like, rams and bristlenose plec.

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Kelly ;o}
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Hi Rusty, and welcome to Fish Profiles.
The fish you mention,for instance, the Oscar, grows to be
a really huge fish. Where it comes from, it can be flayed and feed a family of 3-4!
The tank you have, while 4 feet long, is only one foot deep
(front to back) and only a foot high. A oscar will reach
over a foot in length and weigh several pounds. When they
eat, they shred their food and fragments spray out of their
gills and settle on the bottom where they can rot if not
immediately cleaned up. Their stool is the size of a small
hot dog and also must be regularly removed.

For a grown oscar to move in that tank, it would have to
swim to one end, nearly stand on its tail, and rotate
to swim back to the other end.

It's not a really great idea.


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