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SubscribeNew 20gal wanting to add some excitment.
Small Fry
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I used to have 7 tanks, but once I had to move they couldn't come with me. 8 years later I am starting from the ground level with a 20 gal tank. I have a 10gal I keep as well just as a separation or sick tank. Currently I have 6 platys a couple of mystery snails and a dwarf gourami in the tank. I was disappointed to find that while 3 of my platys prefer the mid range of the tank the others all spend their days in the plants. I've been thinking about adding something to give the tank some spunk and excitement, but I feel I'm pretty close to capacity. I know I don't have a large number of fish, but I'm worried about over crowding. Any suggestions on anything I can add, or anything I can do to help out my shy platys?
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