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Small Fry
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Registered: 29-May-2008
I am a college student and I will be setting up a very small tank in my dorm room. The Tank is 2.5 gallons. I have kept fish before, but in a 15 gallon tank. I don't know which fish to put in the tank. I also was thinking about trying to breed Betta's in the new tank. I have a partition for the female once the bubble nest forms and what not.

If I can get some advice in both areas, that would be great.
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male usa us-colorado
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You don't have any room in a 2.5G tank to breed/raise
bettas. You need to keep the female separate from the
male until he has built a nest and she is ripe with eggs.
Then, once the breeding is over, he will mercilessly
pursue the female and kill her.
In that small a tank there will be no way for her
to escape him unless you are right there to save
her by separating them again.
Then, once the the eggs have hatched and the young
become free swimming, the male will in all probability
eat them. You would need somewhere to put the male
away from the female and the growing fry.

Personally, I'd use a much larger tank for the breeding.
Say, a 20 long. I'd keep the females in separate, small
tank where they would be "conditioned" with high quality
foods. The male would be housed in the 20 until the nest
and the female were ready. Once the fry are free swimming,
I'd move the male to its own small tank, and concentrate
on raising the fry in the 20 until the males begin to
scrap among themselves. At that point I used quart canning
jars to house "A" male in each. When I had sold that batch
of fry, then I'd put the male back in the 20.

This is what I did when I was raising them and selling them
to the local fish store. Changing and cleaning all those
canning jars regularly to keep the water quality high
kept me busy along with feeding and caring for them.

Just some things to think about.


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male usa
i think a 20 gal would take up a good bit of room knowing how tiny dorms are and i think that a 10 gal would be small enough and should be suitable for betta breeding

i like feesh
Post InfoPosted 30-May-2008 03:11Profile AIM PM Edit Delete Report 
Big Fish
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male uk
2.5G isn't big enough for breeding but might be ok for some guppys.
Post InfoPosted 02-Jun-2008 23:48Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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