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Registered: 16-May-2004
male canada
Have read lots of articles about cycling and understand its importance. My first step is to get a tank, looking for a 29 gallon glass and eventually a community tank which will be stocked slowly over time. Are the kits the best way to go IE: Tetra or Hagen etc.
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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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It's a great thing when you see someone doing the research before they start the tank. I commend you.

Have you read about "fishless cycling"? Because I would definitely go for that. Depending on how you fishless cycle you can actually start off putting a lot more fish in at once rather than stocking it slowly. But, that's not to say stocking slowly isn't a good idea even if you do a fishless cycle.

You definitely want a test kit that uses an indicator solution. I use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, but I'm sure the different brands do not differ much.

I would look for a slightly larger tank if you're not restricted by the footprint; 29 gal tanks are a tall version of the 20 gallon, and that extra height doesn't exactly mean much to fish.

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I'm going to suggest that maybe kits aren't a great way to start. I have 2 kit tanks, and while they are ideal for certain things, my glass tanks that I've kitted out myself are far more flexible and able to handle a wider range of fish and setups.

Shiggy is right when he says that height isn't too important to fish. The difference in the number of fish you could comfortably fit in a 20G or a 29G would be negligable (though the height can help with other things and more water is always a good thing for stability). Footprint/Surface area will make a bigger difference to your stocking because it allows for more territories (less fish fights), more substrate (greater cycling stability as most of your bacteria live in the substrate) and greater gas exchange (greater O2 level which is more important in heated water)

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male usa us-colorado
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It looks like "We" were not sure what "kit" you were
speaking of. For the water test kits, the Aqua-Pharmacy
Master Test Kit is one of the better ones that works fine
for the newbie as well as the more seasoned folks.
I'd stay away from the test strips, they have too
many problems.

As far as Aquarium Kits are concerned, I have found that
the "parts" in the kits (heater, filter, etc) are generally
at the bottom rung of the "quality" ladder. It does give
you everything for the tank, but they frequently wear out
or break early on. "Parting" it out while more expensive,
generally gives better results.


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male usa us-california
I agree with the last three post. I purchest everything seperate accept for the hood and lights that came with the tank. It cost more allthough in the long run I am satisfied with the set up. A good water test kit is a must IMO. Research, plan, don't rush things and most important have fun.
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Posts: 245
Registered: 16-May-2004
male canada
Thanks for the awesome feed back. I will go for the good test kit and start building a setup myself.
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