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Small Fry
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Registered: 09-Feb-2015
I have a 38 gallon tank, fully cycled. Going great for over a year. Here is what I have:

2 bolivian rams
9 neon tetras
6 cory cats
2 ottos
5 dainos (original starter fish).

Looking for something to fill the upper zone. The dainos will go there sometimes, but mostly hang with the tetras in the mid-level. Trying to stay with a South American theme. All I could really find was hatchet fish and pencil fish, although I am not sure about either (nor have I seen them in pet stores). Thoughts?
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The Hobnob-lin
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male usa
Do you have any plants/decor which reaches up near the top level? The danios may not feel like they want to spend their time up top if they're exposed.

"That's the trouble with political jokes in this country... they get elected!" -- Dave Lippman
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